The hidden beaches of Massa Lubrense

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The hidden beaches of Massa Lubrense

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The Sorrento coast with its beautiful beaches and crystal clear seas is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Italy. Some of these beaches, however, especially in the territory of Massa Lubrense, remain a jewel admired by few. These are isolated, poorly accessible or difficult to reach beaches that are able to give a dream experience. Let’s discover three of these secret and pristine beaches.

Fiordo di Crapolla

the hidden beaches of Massa Lubrense

Crapolla can be reached on foot from the hamlet of Torca, through a fascinating but challenging path where 700 stone steps lead to the beach. Every 50 steps there is a ceramic tile indicating the progressive numbering.

Along the path that leads to the inlet there is the small Chapel of Saint Peter, open to all visits, where every 29 June the faithful go on pilgrimage from Torca to celebrate Holy Mass. According to tradition, Saint Peter landed in Crapolla on his journey to Rome to Christianize the Sorrento Peninsula.

The small pebble beach is located in a narrow cove and is protected by a high cliff that keeps it in the shade for most of the day.

Baia di Ieranto

The Bay of Ieranto is located at the end of the Sorrento peninsula, just in front of the faraglioni of Capri. To reach it you start from Nerano, an ancient fishing village. The path is well signposted and starts near the village square. Its final part of the path consists of the “miners’ staircase”, used to reach the small beach overlooking Capri.

The route is quite tiring but the breathtaking view and the tranquility of the landscape, located in the middle of a protected area, repay the effort. During the hours of the day the beach is exposed to the sun without any shelter, so it is advisable to leave equipped. It is ideal for those who love to venture out and enjoy a day at sea, diving into one of the cleanest waters of the peninsula.

Cala di Mitigliano

Another of the hidden beaches of Massa Lubrense is the Cala di Mitigliano , a place of peace and calm characterized by its crystal clear waters. The beach, mainly in rock, is enclosed by high cliffs overlooking the sea. The path branches off from the one to Punta Campanella. It is a bit uncomfortable but not so strenuous, if faced with the right equipment.

The beach is sunny and the sound of waves hurling against the rock makes the atmosphere pleasant and relaxing.

Not only the beach but also the incredible view of the island of Capri are one of the reasons why everyone should visit the fantastic Cala di Mitigliano whose sea, when it is calm, gives the opportunity to snorkel and admire its underwater beauty. The landscape in which the cove is located and its path that runs through plants and shrubs typical of the Mediterranean maquis makes it one of the most beautiful beaches in the territory of Massa Lubrense together with the Bay of Ieranto.

Protected area of Punta Campanella

Among the municipalities to which the blue flag has been reconfirmed, the recognition of the FEE for 2022, there is Massa Lubrense, who got it for 15 consecutive years (2008-2022). This recognition is largely due to the hidden beaches of Massa Lubrense and the quality of their bathing waters. More generally, there is also talk of compliance with the criteria relating to sustainable land management, coastal belt maintenance and service efficiency.