Marina di Puolo

Marina di Puolo marks the beginning of the Lubrense coast, it is a characteristic fishing village situated halfway between Sorrento and Massa Lubrense.

The name of Marina di Puolo comes from the Roman Pollio Felice, a distinguished member of a noble family of Pozzuoli and owner of a villa whose ruins are still visible nearby, in the locality Calcarella.

This small village consists mainly of fishermen’s houses, overlooking the bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. The beach is made ​​of pebbles and sand, there are free areas and several bathing establishments, bars, and restaurants, with tables directly on the beach. The beach offers rental pedal boats, charter boats, etc.

Those of Puolo are the favorite beaches for families with children because there is sand or small stones and the sea is not deep near the shore. Furthermore, they are among the few beaches in Massa Lubrense that can be easily reached by car.

marina di puolo

The first beach of Marina di Puolo is pebbly and with bathing establishments, going forward there is a free beach with sand, known as “fig beach”.

After this, a wide cemented space is used as a “solarium” where you can rent chairs and umbrellas. In the water in front of the solarium, fishermen moor their boats. Finally, after a long cliff called “Muraglione” there is another small beach predominantly made ​​of pebbles. Here the sea is generally clean and the water cool.

The other Puolo beach, known as “Cala di Puolo” was until the sixties a quarry for gravel extraction. The bay is accessible from the provincial road Sorrento-Massa, through a toll road that runs through what was once the property of Commander Achille Lauro. Currently, the square of the quarry has become a huge parking lot, serving a bathing beach, with a sun terrace, restaurant, and cafè.

How to reach Puolo

The village of Puolo is easily accessible by car, along the road that leads from Sorrento to Massa Lubrense and then onto Via Marina di Puolo. At the end of this road there is a paid parking; to get to the Marina di Puolo non-residents have to walk down from here.

Public Transport

Both SITA and EAV buses run along the road between Sorrento and Massa Lubrense, in both directions. The bus stop is at the intersection with Via Marina di Puolo, from here you can walk down for about 10 minutes.