At any time of the year, Sorrento is a veritable treasure trove of beauty. For its nature, history, and legends.

Visited every year by thousands of tourists, it is a town with a breathtaking landscape beauty.

Steep on the sea, rich in historical and architectural beauties, Sorrento has always been a tourist destination of excellence, frequented by visitors on the Grand Tour and then by elite holidaymakers in the nineteenth-century. It is still that charming destination for those who wish to relax in a unique atmosphere: sun, sea, characteristic lanes full of shops, churches, museums and monuments.

Piazza Tasso is the town focal point, very much central to life in Sorrento and many leading sights surround this spacious square. From here, as you look out to sea, the older and more attractive part of town is on your left, and the station on your right.


You can spend a day or more just strolling through town, walking in the alleys of the historical center, surrounded by a wealth of beautiful buildings, delicious little shops and outdoor bars and restaurants. Within the walls of the town you will find hidden monuments and palaces, churches and piazzas that bear witness to ancient civilisation.

The best way to get to know this town is to get a little lost, and wander around admiring the postcard-perfect views, browsing here and there, and walking down to the fishing village of Marina Grande or to the port of Marina Piccola.

What to see in Sorrento

How to get to Sorrento:

By car

Massa centro > Sorrento 6,5 km
Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi > Sorrento 10 km
Naples > Sorrento 50 km
Parking:  blue lines, public and private car parks

Public transport

Massa centro > Sorrento Bus EAV Linea A, Bus SITA
Villages> Sorrento Bus SITA
Amalfi Coast > Sorrento Bus SITA
Naples > Sorrento Bus SITA
Please check the timetables.


Massa centro – Sorrento
Regina Giovanna