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Social networks in the tourism sector

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One of the areas on which social networks have had the greatest impact is tourism. While some time ago the choice of a travel destination was influenced by friends, relatives or photos of catalogs proposed by travel agencies, today this choice is dictated by what you see or read on social media.

In a short span of time, the web has undergone a huge evolution and with it also its ways of use by users. This evolution has led to the appearance of those who take the name of “social networks”. These are online platforms that people access, creating a “community” where they can exchange messages and share photos and videos.

How have social networks changed people’s lives?

In recent years, social networks have become increasingly important in people’s lives. Most users use social media as a means of information, to read news conveniently and quickly from their pc or smartphone. The importance of social networks is also in their ability to influence the tastes and choices of their users through the sharing and exchange of information. Social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok are therefore seen as a place to research opinions and to draw inspiration from.

How do social media influence the choice of a trip?

Social users have the opportunity to share with other users the most beautiful moments and places of a trip and, at the same time, many people through social discover new destinations to reach. Travelers and tourists from all over the world are able, via social media, to save, share and recommend the places they most prefer, helping others to plan their vacation. This phenomenon, which is based on the sharing of photos, videos and stories of travel experiences, is called “social tourism“.

The transformation of users

Users have become more independent and able to create and share content, exchange reviews and information. They organize their trip directly online, without having to go to physical agencies, based on reviews of other travelers. This is why most of the accommodation facilities, tour operators and airlines have had to adapt to the new Digital Age. They became part of the virtual world through the promotion of their business and the creation of sales channels on social media. In fact, they have arisen the so-called OTA (online travel agencies); among the most famous there are Booking.com, Expedia, Airbnb and Trivago, which, in exchange for a percentage, act as an intermediary between the providers of tourist services and customers. 

New opportunities for tourism promotion

It is now established that the booking of holidays takes place above all online. Social networks therefore give the opportunity to expand tourism promotion and they are able to revolutionize the decisions of tourists. For this, the use of social media has become essential for all tourism operators – from travel agencies to restaurants, from accommodation facilities to tourist guides – in order to promote destinations and attract customers, increase visibility and engage audiences effectively.

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5 useful apps for traveling peacefully

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To better plan and enjoy a trip, here are the 5 best useful apps for traveling peacefully.
The smartphone in our times has certainly become an indispensable part of daily life, whether it is work or a holiday. Therefore, downloading apps that could make the travel experience simpler and more pleasant is necessary in order to reduce the risk of unpleasant surprises. It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced tourist or an occasional traveler. The apps proposed here have been designed in a simple and easy way to use.

Google Maps

Downloadable on both iPhone and Android, Google Maps is a free online mapping app developed by Google. It allows you to view maps of a large part of the Earth, making it easier discover new places. The app suggests the optimal routes to reach any destination. Thanks to the “traffic” function, the app is able to detect road traffic problems and indicate secondary routes. It is also possible to navigate offline, ensuring maximum efficiency even without an internet connection.

The services offered by Google maps are designed for all those who drive, walk, cycle or take public transport. Particularly useful for travelers to find out about accommodations, local attractions, dining options and other activities nearby. Finally, the display of maps in Street View mode is useful for identifying points of interest, reviews and images of places, museums and much more.

Google Translate

Google Translate available for both iPhone and Android, is a free multilingual machine translation app developed by Google. It’s a support service to prevent language barriers from hindering your trip.
It can also be used when you are offline.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence, the app in instant translation mode allows you to translate restaurant menus, road signs and much more in real time. You can type the contents of a handwritten text, or you can take a photo for a real-time translation. The app will scan the text and detect the most appropriate translation, offering also alternative translations.

Furthermore, with Google Translate it is also possible to set the “Conversation” mode. By clicking on the microphone icons, the app detects and translates the conversations it is listening to in turn. Therefore, this app is a powerful ally for holidays abroad.

Accommodation booking app

Among the useful apps, an application for booking the accommodation of your trip certainly cannot be missed. Trivago, Tripadvisor, Airbnb and Hotel.com are just some of the platforms you can rely on to book your accomodation. They are all free apps that allow you to book your accommodation according to your needs through the numerous filters offered. Depending on the destination chosen, they offer hotels, apartments, villas and much more to make your travel experience unforgettable.

In addition to accommodation, they also offer complementary services such as transfer services, car rental and on-site parking that can satisfy all your travel needs.

App utili per viaggiare

The Fork

The fork is a free app available for both iOS and Android, useful for quickly and easily making reservations at the best restaurants in the city. You can book 24 hours a day from a selection of restaurants perfect for any occasion.

Thanks to the search filters you will find the restaurant that best suits your needs, often with discounts of up to 50%. You can also earn loyalty points and get discounts in restaurants which take part to the loyalty program. In just a few clicks you can book your table and obtain immediate confirmation from the restaurateur.

Social media

Among the most useful apps, Social media, such as Instagram and Tik Tok, offer free platforms that allow you to experience your holidays in a social way, but also to discover the most beautiful places and the most popular activities in each location. Social media users, thanks to photos, reviews, and travel stories shared by their friends and influencers, can virtually explore places and get an immediate overview of tourist destinations. Furthermore, more and more tourism operators are choosing social media to promote city, sea or mountain destinations. This impact of social media has made the process of choosing a destination more visual and engaging.