Museo diffuso

Massa Lubrense


Breathtaking landscapes, history and traditions: six thematic itineraries with multimedia insights.

The ancient cathedrals
The “riggiole”
The hills
On the tracks of the Benedictins
Towards the sea
Between sacred and profane

The idea of ​​realizing the Museo Diffuso (“scattered” museum) of Massa Lubrense was born following the requirement to give more and more detailed information to a new type of aware tourism that constantly and exponentially visits our country.

The common thread of our museum is given by the churches, since we are firmly convinced that the genius loci of a territory passes through the construction and presence of religious buildings, not intended only as places to profess the faith, but as custodians of history and local traditions. Massa Lubrense, with its 18 hamlets, is no exception. Indeed, right because of the vastness of the area and its tumultuous history, Massa Lubrense can be an exceptional witness.

Our new tourist map consists of 6 thematic itineraries. Following them, you can combine breathtaking landscapes with history and traditions.

Each itinerary is also accompanied by one or more QR codes, for a truly unique experience: by scanning the codes you can find more information on the chosen itinerary and videos with a detailed explanation of the main buildings.

In short, it will be like always having an exceptional guide by your side.

Anna Teresa Pappalardo
Presidente Pro Loco Massa Lubrense

The “Museo Diffuso” tourist brochure is distributed free of charge at the office of the Pro Loco Massa Lubrense.


Churches and chapels

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Romina Amitrano
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Ester Esposito
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