Hamlets of Massa Lubrense

Hamlets of Massa Lubrense

Massa Lubrense, the land of Ulysses and Sirens, where history, art, culture and tradition melt together.

Massa Lubrense is located in the enchanting scenery of the Sorrentine Peninsula, between the Gulfs of Naples and Salerno, in front of the island of Capri. Its 18 ancient villages are immersed in nature and still retain the charm and authenticity of a time:

Massa centro
Marina della Lobra
Marina del Cantone
Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi
Marina di Puolo
San Francesco
Villaggio Casa
Santa Maria della Neve
Santa Maria

Visiting the hamlets

A visit to the territory of Massa Lubrense offers a series of sceneries and places of extraordinary and varying beauty: alternating between ancient and new, historical and advanced, they are all marked by enchanting glimpses and views.

Aside from the chief town, Massa centro, there are 17 more hamlets that make up the territory of Massa Lubrense. Each of them has its own urban centre, scattered houses and some shops that gravitate around a small square with a church.

The centre of a hamlet is often a few hundred meters from that of a neighboring hamlet. The inhabitants often move from one hamlet to another to shop, run errands, go to school, take walks or to go to the beach.

On the occasion of the day when the patron saint of each of the hamlets of Massa Lubrense is celebrated, the inhabitants organize a religious holiday and, in many cases, a festival.

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