Massa Lubrense

Massa Lubrense

Traces of the past, incomparable natural scenery, food and tradition in Massa Lubrense.

The town of Massa Lubrense, in a privileged panoramic position, occupies the extreme tip of the Sorrento Peninsula, among the most famous tourist destinations in Italy, thanks to its stunning natural scenery. Extending into the Tyrrhenian Sea, almost touching the island of Capri, it is a watershed between the gulfs of Naples and Salerno.

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The hamlets

Located between Sorrento, Capri, and Positano, but less known than these, the municipality of Massa Lubrense retains its secluded nature and preserves ancient flavors and suggestions, such as the small farmhouses, the hamlets and the seaside villages.

Art and tradition characterize the numerous hamlets (the hamlets of Massa Lubrense are 18), which preserves important medieval and classical memories, plus the architecture of the Renaissance and the Baroque. Surrounded by greenery, the villages are linked both by roads and by internal paths, marked and easy to follow.

Local products

In this charming area, there are the scents of a culinary tradition that best expresses the flavors of typical products, such as olive oil, cheese, and limoncello. On the whole area, you can see long stretches of olive and lemon groves giving an intense scent to this land.

The typical products of Massa Lubrense come both from land and sea: the geography of the Sorrentine Peninsula allows the development of agriculture and farming, since ancient times. Also the fish, within the constraints of the Marine Protected Area, enriches the local gastronomy.

Events and festivals

Massa Lubrense has a rich repertoire of folk traditions, which result in events and festivals all over the whole year. Ancient and evocative are the processions of Holy Week; particularly beautiful and exciting are those by sea, where the procession is followed by boats.

Each hamlet, on the day dedicated to the celebration of its patron saint, organizes a festival: tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants, fish, mozzarella, etc. In the summer, in particular, the Festival of Lemon is held in Massa center, giving the opportunity to residents and visitors to taste local products made from lemon.

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The sublime charm of this land is in its natural beauty: the coastal road is one of the wonders of the Italian landscape. For hikers, more than 100 km of trails run through the length and breadth of the entire territory, touching all the 18 hamlets and the most pristine places.

By citrus groves, vineyards, and olive groves, gently sloping towards the sea, the road follows the tortuous coastline, curve after curve opens up incredible views of the Gulf of Naples, the island of Capri and then the Gulf of Salerno. The coast is high, craggy and rocky, with sheer limestone cliffs that crumble into the sea, creeks, and rocks.

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The beaches

Unique among the towns of Sorrento Coast, Massa Lubrense offers beaches and bays on both coasts. The entire coastal stretch has been protected with the institution of the Marine Protected Area of Punta Campanella, a marine reserve for the protection of the coast and the sea.

Massa Lubrense is also the only town of Naples to have obtained for 6 consecutive years the prestigious Bandiera Blu (Blue Flag) award, given annually by the Fee to reward the quality of seawater, the maintenance of the coastal strip, the efficiency of services and security measures.

The weather

The Mediterranean climate that characterizes Massa Lubrense, gives it the reputation of a healthy place, throughout the year. The sun kisses this beautiful land for about 250 days a year, encouraging to take a holiday in Massa Lubrense in mid and low season.

In Massa Lubrense the weather is always pleasant: mild winters alternate with warm summers. In the months of most intense heat (July and August), coastal areas, most ventilated, and the higher ones retain pleasant temperatures. The swimming season often extends into the autumn, with hot days and the sea still inviting for a dip.


Between history and legend, the past of Massa Lubrense has always been fascinating. For the multiplicity of human presence in the area since the Paleolithic period, the richness of archaeological evidence which continues to this day and the amount of information and studies on it.

We offer an interesting and pleasant text by Luigi Sigismondi, illustrating the history of Massa Lubrense from the first human presence to modern times.

Etymology of Massa Lubrense

The name “Massa” derives from “mansa”, an early medieval term which indicated a place intended for cultivation; in the Middle Ages “lubrensis” was added from Lobra (delubrum = temple), the cathedral church that stood on the beach of Fontanelle.

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