Procida Island

Procida: the least touristy and most authentic Neapolitan island.

Procida, an island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, is located at the mouth of the Gulf of Naples, between Ischia (west) and Capo Miseno (east). With its 4 square kilometers of surface, it is the smallest of the sisters Ischia and Capri, but has almost 11,000 inhabitants (Procidani).

Procida is of volcanic origin, and the traces of the ancient craters can still be recognized in its typical crescent gulfs (the sources speak of 5 or 7 craters).

It reaches a maximum height of 91 meters and is therefore quite flat. But the lively inhabited areas with polychrome houses, the rich vegetation within which a typical spontaneous Mediterranean architecture blends, the clear and shining sea, and the beautiful coastal rocks, generate landscapes of rare charm, and make it an appreciated tourist destination.


Marina Grande

Marina Grande è l’unico porto commerciale dell’isola. Appena si sbarca dal traghetto ci si trova di fronte al Palazzo Montefusco, del XII secolo. Il palazzo è detto “della catena” perché un tempo il vialetto posteriore che portava al palazzo era sbarrato ai passanti da una catena; o anche “merlato” per la stupenda merlatura sovrastante l’intero palazzo. Nel passato fu la residenza estiva del re, poi antico convento e oggi è abitato dai procidani.


La Corricella is a seaside village of Procida, where the fishermen’s houses clinging to the high and steep coast form a characteristic agglomeration, particularly for the use of pastel colors yellow, pink, blue, green, white: colors useful for sailors to recognize your home by the sea.

The name Corricella derives from the Greek “coros callos” (beautiful district). The village was the backdrop for many film productions. And among the houses of Corricella we can distinguish some of the most exclusive hotels and restaurants on the island.


“Chiaiolella” (beach, small beach) is another marina on the island, now equipped as a marina, where some of the island’s most popular hotels and restaurants are located.


The island of Vivara, the smallest of the Neapolitan islands, is what remains of a circular crater, one of many of the volcanic composition of the Phlegraean Fields.

Vivara islet is an oasis of natural protection, of inestimable value, where flora and fauna thrive.

How to get to Procida

From Sorrento, it is possible to reach the island of Procida by ferry from Marina Piccola. Ferries go to Procida only on some days of the week, it is advisable to consult the timetable.