Valle delle Ferriere

Valle delle Ferriere

The Mills Valley, known as “Valle delle Ferriere” or “Valle dei Mulini”, has hosted in the past some paper factories and an ironworks.

The water was used to move the machineries for the production of the renowned Amalfi’s paper.

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The path start from Pontone, in S. Giovanni’s Square, and cross all its alleys. At the end of the paved stretch, there is the CAI n° 23 path.

On the opposite side, the Pogerola’s houses are visible. Upstream, the valley, is enclosed between high calcareous walls. On the same side, hidden by the nature, is also visible the forced conduit of the old hydroelectric plant.

Afterward, there is a bifurcation, with the highest part of the valley on the right, and on the left, the majestic ruin of the Ferriera. The building surmounts the valley with an ample arch, under which the creek flows into a cascade. In this point the path turns and it conducts towards the valley.

Instead, passing under the bridge of the conduit, there is a short uphill itinerary that reach the ” Riserva Naturale Statale Valle delle Ferriere”. Here the creek forms various falls that nuke the water and make the enviroment very humid and consequently very fresh even in midsummer.

Inside the Reserve, there is the extremely rare endemic fern Woodwardia radicans. Comeback along the same path to the Ferriera, from there, take the CAI n°25 path running along the creek and passing close to the ruins of the old paper factories, untill reach Amalfi.

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