Waste collection in Massa Lubrense

Waste collection in Massa Lubrense

The whole territory of Massa Lubrense is served by the “door to door” waste collection. The bags kit for waste collection is distributed periodically in various points of Massa Lubrense. You can request the kit in another moment to the administrative office of Terra delle Sirene Spa (Via Reola, 7 c/o Antica Residenza Cerulli loc. Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi – 80061 Massa Lubrense – NA |  from 8:00 am to 11:00 am from Monday to Saturday).

Calendar Collection (2019 – 2020)

Sant’Agata – Deserto – Torca – Pastena – Acquara – Monticchio – Metrano – Villaggio Casa – Nerano – Marina del Cantone – Santa Maria della Neve – Provinciale from bivio Schiazzano to Sant’Agata Monday Organic Tuesday Paper Wednesday Organic / Glass Thursday Plastic and cans Friday Organic Saturday Unsorted waste

Massa Centro – Marina Lobra – San Liberatore – San Francesco – Santa Maria – Annunziata – Schiazzano – Marciano – Villazzano – Puolo – San Montano – Provinciale from bivio Schiazzano to Villazzano – Provinciale (Via Nastro d’Oro) from Massa centro to Marciano – Termini to bivio Tore di Casa

Monday Paper Tuesday Organic Wednesday Plastic and cans Thursday Organic Friday Unsorted waste Saturday Organic / Glass Leave the bags outside your house door or gate, on the night before collection, from 8.00 pm to 6.00 am. For example, if you are staying in Massa Centro, you must leave the paper bag in the night between Sunday and Monday. Please leave only full and closed bags. Please rinse the bags with water in order to avoid ants and other insects. Leave the organic bag in the small brown bin.

Which bag?

Organic: biodegradable bag Paper: paper bag Plastic and cans: purple or transparent plastic bag Glass: bin or transparent plastic bag Unsorted waste: transparent plastic bag

How to separate waste

Plastic and cans CANS • Aluminum Cans with the TO Symbol • Tins and Cans • Metal Containers (Peeled, Tuna, etc.) NO: T and F Labelled Containers PLASTIC • Bottles of Water and Soft Drinks • Shampoo • Bottles for Detergents • Plastic Bags for Shopping • Containers for Liquids (Small Jerrycans) • Eggs Pans and Jars for yogurt • Pasta Sachets and Magazine Cellophane • Polystyrene • Plastic Crates for Fruit NO: Plastic Dishes, Glasses and Cutlers, Toys. All Other Types of Plastic are Undifferentiated. Glass • Glass Bottles (with cap) • Glass Jars (even with metal cover) • Glasses • Broken Glass • Crystal NO: Items in Ceramic and Porcelain, Lamps, Plates Unsorted waste  • Audio and Video Cassettes and CDs • Blades and Razors • Plastic Plates and Cutlery • Buckets and Pans • Toys • Pens • Small Objects in plastic or bakelite • Carbon and Laminated Paper • Nylon Socks • Unrecyclable Rags • Ceramics • Diapers and Absorbent • Cosmetics • Old Shoes • Small Wooden Objects Painted • Bulbs • Lighters • Rubber Gloves and Other Items in Rubber • Candles and Lights • Leather Items • Films Paper • Newspapers and Magazines • Books and Notebooks • Photocopies and Sheets • Folded Cartons • Cardboard Packaging • Boxes for Food • Blisters • Cartons for Beverages • Tetrapak Containers NO: Greaseproof Paper, Carbon Paper, Parchment Organic waste  • Kitchen Waste • Food Scraps • Damaged Food • Egg Shells • Vegetables and fruits Scraps • Coffee Left Over • Tea, Chamomile and Tisanes Bags • Excrement, Pets Litters • Animals Feathers and Hairs • Old Bread • Paper Handkerchiefs Anointed • Used Absorbent Paper • Fireplaces Ash • Small Bones, Fish Bones and Shells • Cut Flowers, Plants and Seeds • Trees Pruning • Leaves • Grass and Hedge • Plants without Soil • Plant debris from Cleaning of Vegetable Plot • Wood and Sawdust • Wooden Crates

For further information about the waste collection in Massa Lubrense: www.terradellesirenespa.com