Monte San Costanzo

Monte San Costanzo

Monte San Costanzo is a strategic viewpoint to admire the entire territory of Massa Lubrense, the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno.

Monte San Costanzo
Photo by Carmine Troise

Monte San Costanzo is the highest hill of Massa Lubrense and you can easily reach it from Termini on foot, by car or motorbike. The walk is also part of the Athena Trail, a loop circuit connecting Punta Campanella to Monte San Costanzo.

To reach it from Termini, take via Campanella from piazza Santa Croce. At the fork, go left on via del Monte, a winding road that climbs the hill. From the first turn of this road, an ancient path crosses the main road up to the top of Monte San Costanzo.

This little mountain has two peacks: on the left, the one with the characteristic little white church dedicated to San Costanzo; on the right, the other peack with a radio station used for the air traffic control. Between the two peaks, a small pinewood offers a nice shaded area and, for those who came to this point by car or motorbike, the possibility to park.

From this point, few limestone steps lead quickly to the church of Saint Costanzo. To the right, a view from above of the Bay of Ieranto and in front of you there are the three islands of Li Galli.

This peack of San Costanzo offers a 360 degree panorama of the entire territory of Massa Lubrense, from the Gulf of Naples to the Gulf of Salerno, with the majestic Vesuvius, the islands of Ischia and Procida. Take a tour around the church to admire it all.

The church of Saint Costanzo was founded in the second half of the sixteenth century by the families of Termini. Unfortunately, the church is almost always closed to the public, with the exception of the procession on May 14, when hundreds of faithful bring there the statue of the Saint from the Church of Termini. In July, the golden statue of the saint is returned to its original home, the church of the Termini, with the music of the town band and spectacular fireworks.

Going back through the steps and the pinewood you will reach the other peak, called Monte Croce, higher than the other and a privileged panoramic point too, it overlooks the promontory of Punta Campanella and, on the right, the enchanting island of Capri.

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