Limoni in Festa 2018 – Massa Lubrense Lemon Festival

Limoni in Festa 2018 – Massa Lubrense Lemon Festival

Limoni in festa 2018 – Massa Lubrense Lemon Festival

The highlight event of the summer of Massa Lubrense. An excellent opportunity to taste many delicacies of the cuisine of Massa Lubrense based on the typical citrus that gives the name to the festival: our oval lemon called “femminiello”.

A series of events taking place in the city center, following the flavors of dishes with lemon scent, the sounds of popular music, the rediscovery of the oldest buildings, the streets, the typical corners.


Friday, 13 July 2018
6.30am – 11.00pm Market with typical products and local crafts
8.30pm Concert “Divenendo Live” by Marco Mariconda and Le Sequenze

Saturday 14 July 2018
10.30am – 11.00pm Market with typical products and local craftsmanship
5.00pm Guided walking Massa center – Annunziata – Marina Lobra
7.00pm – 11.00pm Gastronomic itinerary based on lemons
9.00 pm Concert Mujeres Creando – Special Guest: Enzo Gragnaniello with Piero Gallo

Sunday 15 July 2018
10.30am – 11.00pm Market with typical products and local craftsmanship
7.00pm – 11.00pm Gastronomic itinerary based on lemons
9.00 pm “Parco Sofia Tour” concert of La Maschera


Largo Vescovado, 80061 Massa Lubrense, Naples, Italy

Trail to Punta Campanella closed until January 2016

Due to renovations in Via Campanella, from July 6 to December 31, 2015 (Ordinance no. 150/2015), the path to Punta Campanella is closed to transit (vehicles and pedestrians).

Punta Campanella e Capri - FrancoFrom the blog of Ruth Peake:

One of the most popular hikes in the area of Massa Lubrense, from Termini to Punta Campanella, which is also part of the Athena Trail, is now off limits until January 2016 due to work being carried out on the path and in the area around the tower. A locked gate  by the shrine at the point called Cancello will bar all access not only for vehicles but also for pedestrians.

In his latest blog, Giovanni Visetti proposes an alternative route so that walkers will still be able to enjoy the amazing scenery and flora between Punta Campanella and Monte Santa Croce at the top of the ridge.  

Read the blog article

Alternative route: Giro di Santa Croce

TerminiVetavoleGiovanni Visetti’s proposal to recover the path “Vuallariello” was welcomed in a very short time.

This path, in combination with “Le Selve”, forms the Giro di Santa Croce (in red on the map): a path that gives the opportunity to access the top of the ridge and avoid having to make a round trip from Mount San Costanzo.

Read more on the blog “Discettazioni Erranti” (in Italian)




Video by Giovanni Visetti

“The video begins with the arrival to the area “Vuallariello” (the highest point of the path Le Selve) via the staircase in the rock and ends with the detour to the viewpoint Campo Vetavole, following the Alta Via dei Monti Lattari for the last hundred meters.”

Nuova cartina di Massa centro e dintorni

On line, grazie al cartografo Giovanni Visetti, la nuovissima cartina di Massa centro e dintorni, molto utile per brevi e paesaggistiche escursioni tra Massa centro e le frazioni di S. Maria, Annunziata, Marina della Lobra e San Francesco.

Anche questa carta è liberamente scaricabile e navigabile con GPS, utilizzando l’applicazione gratuita PDF-Maps (

Cartina Massa centro map massa lubrense

Spring free guided walkings in Massa Lubrense

Spring free guided walkings

in Massa Lubrense

Sunday – April 19, 2015

Circuito di Athena

(Termini – Punta Campanella – San Costanzo – Termini)

Departure from the square of Termini at 10:30 AM | Ends at 5:30 PM

Saturday – April 25, 2015

L’Antica Civitas

(Massa centro – Annunziata – Santa Maria – Massa centro)

Departure from the square of Massa centro, Largo Vescovado, at 3:00 PM | Ends at 6:00 PM

Saturday – April 9, 2015

Sentiero delle Sirenuse

(Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi – Torca – Marecoccola – Tore – Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi)

Departure from the square of Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi at 3:00 PM | Ends at 6:00 PM

escursioni di primavera massa lubrense 2015


Maratrail of Capri – 22 marzo 2015

Walking tour of the island of Capri

21 km of trails, little streets and sights


The association “Capri Outdoors” organizes the first Maratrail of Capri: a tour of the island on foot, through a circuit of 22 Km of 1000 meters in altitude.

The hike is not competitive and you can stop the route at will, or join in a halfway house.

Participation is free on your own responsibility.

Meet at 9:00 on March 22, 2015 at “Largo Fontana” in Marina Grande, starting at 9:15 am.

The tour may be canceled or changed for any reason. For information, contact the association at number 3470249559 or by email:

Itinerary of Maratrail of Capri

Start at 9:15 from Largo Fontana (port) to Piazzetta, Villa Jovis (via sentiero Calanca), Matermania, Dentecala, Piazzetta, Passetiello, Cetrella (PICNIC), Monte Solaro, Monte Cocuzzo, Migliara, Guardia, Faro, Fortini, Damecuta, Anacapri, Scala Fenicia, Marina Grande (port).

How to reach Capri and return

  • from Naples 8:05 (hydrofoil)
  • from Sorrento 7.45 (ship) or 8.35 (hydrofoil)
  • to Naples 17.00 (ship) or 18:10 (hydrofoil)
  • to Sorrento 17.40 (hydrofoil) or 18:45 (ship)

Map of Capri

Click on the image to the HD version



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