Bars and pastry shops in Massa Lubrense

Whether you are looking for a place to have breakfast, to taste local ice cream and bakery or to have an aperitif among the locals, bars and pastry shops in Massa Lubrense will satisfy all your needs, at any time of the day!

Bar e pasticcerie a Massa Lubrense

Bar e pasticcerie di Massa Lubrense. Clicca sul nome per la scheda completa.
Massa Centro
Via Riccardo Filangieri, 3
081 8089365
Bar, snack-bar, caffetteria
Massa Centro
Via IV Novembre
338 9876771
Villa Fiorella
Massa centro
Via Vincenzo Maggio, 5
081 878 9832
Sky lounge
Di SarnoMassa Centro
Via Riccardo Filangieri, 2
081 8789244
Bar, snack-bar, caffetteria, pasticceria
Grace Kitchen Massa Centro
Largo Vescovado, 7
081 5339043
Bar, snack-bar, caffetteria
Angelo’s Marina Lobra
Via Cristoforo Colombo, 90
081 8089026
Bar, snack-bar, caffetteria
Aurora Monticchio
Via Caputo Severo, 19
081 5330250
Bar, snack-bar, caffetteria
Blue Moon
Via Corso S.Agata, 61/z
081 8780760
Bar, snack-bar, caffetteria, pasticceria
Centrale Sant’Agata
Corso S.Agata, 30
081 8085383
Bar, snack-bar, caffetteria
De Gregorio Benedetto Monticchio
Piazza San Pietro, 15
081 8780007

Bar, caffetteria
De Simone Termini
P.zza S.Croce,8
081 808 22 00
Bar, snack-bar, caffetteria, gelateria
Via Nastro Azzurro, 7
081 8780064

Bar, caffetteria, pasticceria, gelateria
Garden Schiazzano
Via Rotabile Turro Pastena, 2
081 8080595
Bar, snack-bar, caffetteria
Corso S.Agata, 3
081 878 0133
Bar, snack-bar, caffetteria, pasticceria
Orlando Sant’Agata
Corso S.Agata, 2
081 8780063
Bar, snack-bar, caffetteria
San CostanzoTermini
Via dei Monte, 4
081 8081578
Bar, snack-bar, caffetteria
Via Marina del Cantone, 47/c
081 8081042
Bar, snack-bar, caffetteria, gelateria


What makes bars and pastry shops in Massa Lubrense so special

Bars and pastry shops can be a pleasant stop while visiting the beauty of the place. Every moment of the day is perfect to visit them. So you can enjoy every morning tasty breakfasts or opt for a tasty snack during the rest of the day, tasting ice cream, pastries or snacks.

They offer a wide choice for breakfast, including croissants, brioches, graffe and small pastry, all accompanied by excellent coffee and cappuccinos. The ingredients used for desserts and ice creams are of the highest quality and customers are welcomed in a very warm way.

Bars and pastry shops in Massa Lubrense

The genuine tradition of local pastry and the fresh and tasty products of the place will leave you ecstatic. Whether you are looking for a dessert for breakfast or a dessert to conclude lunch and dinner. There are many typical desserts that you can taste in Massa Lubrense: the lemon delight, the sfogliatelle or Santa Rosa, the zeppole of San Giuseppe and the baba, just to name a few.

Many bars have tables outside where you can have an aperitif on the beach, in a square or on one of the many panoramic terraces. The best way to end a day at sea enjoying a cocktail and spectacular views, immersed in the authentic charm of the peninsula.