Sulphurous and vibrant, volcanic and proteiform, for its never equal views and the enveloping microclimates, Ischia, the largest of the islands of the Gulf of Naples, is today among the most popular tourist resorts

The tourist period is made up of four seasons which coincide with the primordial elements of an exciting nature. Water, air, earth, and fire summarize the hidden and most evident treasures that can be enjoyed all year round.

In the subsoil there is the highest concentration of thermal basins in Europe: over the centuries, 29 of them have been identified with their own characteristics, from which 103 springs and 67 fumaroles emerge. And then there are the sweet, drinkable springs, such as Buceto, to others that have miraculous effects to treat ulcers.

Without forgetting the enchanting landscapes on the inaccessible promontories of San Pancrazio, or the satisfying and fresh views from the summit of Mount Epomeo. Mount Epomeo (788 m.) It offers paths and itineraries that climb up to an altitude of 700 meters, just before the spur of the summit. During the excursions, it is easy to come across the hares that populate the woods. Before reaching the summit you can visit the hermitage and the church of San Nicola (1459).

And yet, the very fertile soil dominated by splendid viticulture, marked by the international success of wines such as Biancolella, Forastera, Per ‘e Palumm, and the coloristic counterpoint of the fields, flowered plains, orchards, forests and pine forests.

Finally, the extensive sandy beaches, red-hot by the sun and flaming with fumaroles on the shoreline: Maronti and Sorgeto, the bay of love, and Citara.

How to get to Ischia

From Sorrento, it is possible to reach the island of Ischia with daily ferries departing from Marina Piccola.