Activities for children in Massa Lubrense

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Activities for children in Massa Lubrense

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Massa Lubrense is a territory with tourist attractions for visitors of all ages and certainly there is no shortage of activities for children. These are mainly experiences that take place in close contact with nature, starting from the sea to the guided walks.

Here are 5 experiences for your children in Massa Lubrense


A green space and many games are a great solution to spend some time relaxing and having fun with family. The playground is definitely one of the favorite places for children of all ages. The municipality of Massa Lubrense guarantees several green oasis. Children can play there, have fun and make new acquaintances. The parks are open in the morning and afternoon, with evening lighting.


Massa Lubrense has several farms that allow guided tours suitable for children. It is a unique experience in which they can pet the newborn calves, taste milk and other typical products of the farm, play with the animals and feel welcomed and pampered by a family atmosphere.


For children the beach is always a fun idea that immediately turns on their enthusiasm. The most suitable beaches for families are in particular Marina di Puolo and Marina del Cantone. The comfortable beaches and the shallow sea will allow you to let your children play and enjoy the days at sea more quietly. In addition, unlike other beaches, these can both easily be reached by car.


One of the most attractive activities for children is definitely snorkeling. The sea of Massa Lubrense, with its crystal clear waters and the colorful and populated depths of different species of fish, will make them live an unforgettable adventure. Obviously, the presence of a parent or the help of specialized tutors is recommended. If you are passionate about the underwater world, accompanying them will be a unique experience for you adults.

Merende Itineranti

The Merende Itineranti are walks for children organized every year by the Pro Loco Massa Lubrens. It is an alternative activity to make sure that even children can discover the natural and historical wealth of Massa Lubrense. Our guides are able to stimulate children’s curiosity, involving them with anecdotes and fun activities. At the end of the walk is offered an organic snack, created for them only with local products.