Villaggio Casa

Villaggio Casa

The small hamlet of Villaggio Casa is about a mile from Termini, on the south side of the ridge of Tore.

Overlooking both the gulfs of Naples and Salerno, it offers the most beautiful views of Mount San Costanzo.

You will cross Villaggio Casa to reach, from Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi, the fractions of Termini, Nerano, and Marina del Cantone.

Here there is the ancient church of San Giovanni Battista, founded in 1330.

Church of San Giovanni Battista

Founded in 1330 at the behest of Giovan Serio Fontana and Eleonora Edua. It was partially redone in the eighteenth century and was later enlarged. It has a single nave with an apse and two chapels near the main arch. In the tribune of the small apse there is the statue of St. John the Baptist. The chapel, on the right side, existing since 1565, was dedicated to S. Francesco di Paola, there was a fresco of the Madonna with the two saints Giovanni Evangelista and Battista. The chapel opposite, dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows, had a picture of the Virgin with various saints. Now there is the effigy of Our Lady of Sorrows.

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