The hamlet of Torca is located between 0 and 500 meters above sea level. Overlooking the Gulf of Salerno, in an idyllic location in front of the three islands of Li Galli, and behind the pine forest of Tore Sorrento.

Panorama su Torca

From Torca you can take the path that leads to the Crapolla Cove, or enjoy a few relaxing hours walking through the Mount of Torca.

The urban center is divided into districts, spread around the central square, where stands the fifteenth-century church dedicated to St. Thomas the Apostle.

Church of San Tommaso Apostolo

The Church of San Tommaso Apostolo is of the fourteenth century. The church has a single nave, vaulted, with dome and apse.

The Altar of the eighteenth century, in polychrome marble, is dominated by a painting dating back to 1604. It represents Jesus in the Upper Room, among the Apostles and St. Thomas, incredulous, that touches his wounds.

In “Cornu Evangeli” the entrance to the sacristy, following the altars, one dedicated to Our Lady of Grace with canvas of the Virgin, removed and transferred to the stage of the organ, and the other, of the eighth century, dedicated to St. Stephen. The picture represents the scene of the martyrdom of the Saint of Jerusalem.

On the side of the epistle there are three altars: one dedicated to the Virgin of Carmel (the picture of the Madonna, in 1685, replaced the frescoes on the wall depicting the Madonna of Carmine between SS. Francesco di Paola, Onofrio and Anthony of Padua); another altar, of the family of Pastena, 1583, is dedicated to St. Leonard; it then passed to the Brotherhood of the SS. Rosary for grant of Mons. Centino Mauritius, bishop of Massa, in 1626. The last altar, consecrated to the Purification and subsequently to the SS. Crucifix, 1853, was replaced by another altar of polychrome marbles by Carlo Schiano, under the pontificate of Bishop. De Rossi; it had a third dedication with a too damaged picture of St. Mary Magdalene.

Adjacent to the church is the oratory of Holy Mary of the Rosary and St. Filippo Neri. Under the patronage of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary is the Congregation of St. Philip. The Oratory was founded in 1696 by the Rev. Tommaso Merolla. The polychrome marble altar of 700, with case of precious stones and lapis lazuli, is very valuable.

 How to reach Torca

By car

To reach Torca, from Massa Center take the Via Massa Turro and proceed up to Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi, take the second right at the intersection (as indicated by signs) and continue until the end of the road. You can find parking places in the square of Torca or along the road, in the blue lines.

Public transport

Only some of the SITA buses headed to Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi, and departing from Sorrento (via Massa or via Nastro Verde), reach Torca. We recommend you to check the schedule.


Crapolla Cove
Sirenuse Trail

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