Massa Centro – Marina Lobra Trail

Massa Centro – Marina Lobra Trail

Not too demanding, but still beautiful and fascinating is the route from Massa centro to Marina Lobra passing through the ancient villages of Santa Maria and Annunziata.

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From Viale Filangieri, in Massa Centro, the path starts from via Rachione. Here we recommend a quick visit to the Nymphaeum Cerriglio, located in the 15th century Palazzo De Martino. Walking along the long avenue that leads to the nymphaeum, one cannot fail to be attracted by the tuff colonnade with marble busts. Continue along via Mortella, the beginning of which is at the corner with via Pozzillo, and at the end of the alley turn right.

You are now, between tuff stone walls, in Via Sant’Aniello Vecchio heading towards the ancient church of Sant’Agnello Abbate. The panorama that you can enjoy from this path is almost a telescope on the port of Marina della Lobra. The path continues uphill to a flight of steps that leads to the village of Santa Maria.

When the stairs end you are in the small square of Santa Maria. The church entitled to Santa Maria della Misericordia is on the left. You are now in one of the oldest hamlets of Massa Lubrense. In ancient times the hamlet was called Belvedere, but the name was changed to the current one, Santa Maria della Misericordia, as a sign of protection for those tried and sentenced in the offices of justice that were here.

Walking on the road, you will pass through the square of Annunziata, with its church, and, the cylindrical tower where the ancient Durazzo castle once stood. Soon after, the majestic Torre Turbolo, built in 1614 and home to the Pawnshop. You can stop for a moment to rest on the benches of the belvedere built on the western bastion of the castle: the view of Capri is wonderful. Continue your journey on the rolling road, downhill, then take the staircase adjacent to Villa Murat.

The walk continues until you exit, for a short stretch, on the via IV Novembre roadway. Turning right you reach the Cemetery of San Liberatore, a great vantage point, hence the footpath takes you down to the village of Marina Lobra.

Once you reach the small seaside village, it is worth stopping to savor the sensation of a crystallized time, before going back to Massa centro along Via Colombo.

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