Massa centro – Termini

Massa centro – Termini

The path between Massa centro and Termini crosses some of the most charming villages of Massa Lubrense, from an historical and landscape point of view.

Lenght: 5 km
Vertical drop: 250 m
Duration: 2h
Route: Massa centro – Termini

From Piazza Vescovado, in Massa centro, walk on Via Palma, which then becomes Via Roma, until you reach the Torrione tower, which dates back to 1600. A small arc links the tower to the old college founded by the Jesuits. Impressive is also the piperno stone portal of the ancient palace belonged to the noble family Barretta.

To the right of the portal Via C. Colombo starts. After about 300 meters turn left onto Via San Liberatore, along which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the village of Marina della Lobra. The street is named after the chapel dedicated to the saint, located at the end of the path.

The walk continues along the road to the left of the chapel. Crossed the main road, take the lane again: among oaks and olive trees, climb towards the village of Annunziata. From this panoramic point you can enjoy a view on the islands of Capri and Ischia.

Following the main road, you will come to the village of Santa Maria, the ancient heart of the Civitas, where the city parliament and the courthouse stood. The walk continues along Via del Rosario, after about 200 meters this street becomes Via Santa Maria in Schiazzano. At the end of it you will reach the square of Schiazzano, with its sixteenth-century church dedicated to Jesus the Saviour and, opposite, an eighteenth century palace. From this square, take Via Salita a Schiazzano to reach Via delle Tore, at 374 meters above sea level. From here, continue to the right and almost never without losing the view of the Gulf of Naples and the island of Capri, you reach the village of Termini, in an enviable panoramic position. Here came the pilgrims who were keen to visit the temple dedicated to Minerva, which stood on the tip of the promontory now called Punta Campanella.

How to reach Massa Centro

By car

Mass Centro is easily accessible by car, from Sorrento or Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi. You can find a place for the car in the parking lots or in the blue lines.

Public transport

From Massa Centro to Meta di Sorrento and vice versa the EAV Bus Line A run every 20 minutes, from 6:00 to 22:00 (with extended service hours during the summer). SITA Buses connect Massa Centro to Sorrento, to the hamlets, and to the Amalfi Coast. We recommend you consult the schedule.

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