Reusing Market: an adventure of exchange and fun!

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Reusing Market: an adventure of exchange and fun!

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If you’re a little lover of reusing and enjoy giving things a second life, then you’ve found the right place! Get ready for an afternoon of fun and sharing at the Reusing Market, taking place in the gardens of Massa Centro on Sunday, April 21st from 4 pm to 8 pm.

But before diving into the exciting world of the Reusing Market, make sure to follow these simple tips to ensure your experience is unforgettable:

1. Choose items to bring carefully.

Think about which articles other children might love and carefully select what you want to bring to the market. Make sure they’re in excellent condition because we want everyone to find something special!

2. Freshen up your items.

Once you’ve selected your treasures, take some time to clean them thoroughly. A touch of cleaning will make your items shine and make your stand at the market more appealing.

3. Organize merchandise by type.

To make it easier for visitors to search, organize your items by type. You could have a section for toys, another for books, and another for clothes. Clarity is key!

4. Set prices and prepare cards.

Decide the price for each item you want to sell or exchange and write it on a recycled card. Make sure prices are clear and visible to all potential buyers.

5. It’s up to you: sell, exchange, donate!

You have the freedom to decide what to do with your items. You can sell them to earn some extra pocket money, trade them with other children for new adventures, or even donate them to whoever you want. The choice is yours!

6. Bring a table or a cloth to display merchandise.

Make sure to bring something to display your items. A table or a cloth works great to showcase your merchandise attractively and neatly.

    And don’t forget to leave yourself some time to explore other children’s stands! You might find some hidden treasures or make new friends during your shopping adventures.

    So, prepare your best items and join us for an unforgettable morning of reuse, fun, and discoveries at the Reusing Market.

    We’ll be waiting for you on Sunday, April 21st, at the Gardens of Massa Centro from 4 pm to 8 pm. Don’t miss it!

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