Cooking classes in Massa Lubrense

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Cooking classes in Massa Lubrense

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by Rosario Sisto

Interview with Fabio Colucci

Italian cuisine is certainly the most famous and renowned in the world. People from all over the planet come to Italy to taste our dishes. However, many people don’t come here just to taste our food, but also to learn how to cook it by attending cooking classes.

Undoubtedly italian cuisine possesses a degree of charm and quality without equal, which is why many people wish to learn some recipes directly from our chefs. However, where exactly can you go to learn our culinary art?

Well, here in Massa Lubrense we have a cooking school: the Chez Barone Cooking School, where you can not only learn various traditional recipes of Italian cuisine, but also spend a wonderful and relaxing day at the Palazzo del Barone, where the school is located.

We had the opportunity to interview mister Fabio Colucci, who works at Chez Barone, to give all of you some information about the kind of experience you will have there.

Mr. Colucci, tell us about the Chez Barone Cooking School: what are its origins? What determined its creation?

Chez Barone was born in 2019 in the Palazzo del Barone, a historical villa, almost by intuition: we had noticed that there were a lot of people who wanted to learn how to cook Italian dishes, in particular specialties from Sorrento. By September of that year we were already in the top rankings thanks to the numerous positive reviews we were given.

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What kind of people usually attend your cooking lessons? Are there many foreigners? Can they still be passionate about Italian cuisine, despite cultural differences?

Surely those who chooses to attend our classes already have a certain passion for cooking, after all not many would attend a cooking school otherwise. But our teachings allow them to go back home proud of finally being able to prepare those Italian dishes they loved tasting so much. About 80% of our clients are American, oftentimes Italian-American, but there are also British, Germans and Israeli. In the past, we’ve even had international chefs attend our courses.

What are your classes about? What recipes do you teach?

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We have 2 cooking courses:

The first one is every morning from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm. We teach participants how to make traditional pizza with a wood oven. Moreover, we also teach them how to make various types of pasta, like gnocchi and tagliatelle. We also have a “Mozzarella Show”, where we teach people how to make mozzarella. Lastly, we teach participants how to make desserts such as caprese and tiramisù, as well as ice cream.

The second course is every evening from 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm, and we teach how to prepare fried pizza, which non-Italian participants often consider interesting as they are not used to see this type of pizza. Furthermore, we teach how to cook chops, prepare ravioli alla caprese, and make limoncello.

Both of these courses happen in two different parts of the Palazzo del Barone.

Something that makes you stand out is your “no-stress no-haste” philosophy. Could you tell us more about it?

People who come here can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere because we offer them te utmost hospitality: the courses do not last too long and the activities are very pleasant, and after the courses people can stay and relax in the Palazzo, for example by going to the swimming pool.

During your courses you also teach how to make limoncello. Since the lemons of Massa Lubrense are one of our local products, could you tell us how the teaching process takes place?

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We have a lemon garden, we teach the clients how to pick the right lemons, then we bring them indoors and we make them peel the lemons. We tell them what the right doses of alcohol are and how to make infusions with the peels. Once the process is over, they can taste the product of their own work.

We truly thank mister Colucci for the information he has given us. We really hope that this has motivated many of you to try out the cooking classes of Chez Barone here in Massa Lubrense!