The typical sweets of Capri

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The typical sweets of Capri

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The island of Capri, known for its beautiful coastline, the faraglioni (stacks) and many attractions such as the Grotta Azzurra, is the land of Caprese cake.
There is a story that tells that this cake was born from the mistake of a baker who forgot to put the flour in the dough. The result was so surprising that it continued to be prepared only with almonds, sugar, butter and eggs, without flour and yeast. It is, therefore, a soft and fragrant sweet perfect for celiacs and lactose intolerant.

There are various versions: classic with bitter chocolate, lemon, almonds and limoncello or pistachio and white chocolate, as well as many others. It can be enjoyed at room temperature or warm and can be accompanied by whipped cream, ice cream or seasonal fruit.

Besides Caprese cake, ice cream is another symbol of the island.

Ice cream, one of the typical desserts of Capri pastry

Ice cream

In several bars or pastry shops you can find excellent ones, made with fresh and top-quality ingredients. Even the crunchy waffle is handmade and is often still served hot in the shape of a cone or cup.

You can also enjoy it in the “tulip” version, that is enriched with whipped cream and a ganache of melted chocolate. In addition, you can also find cups to customize with hazelnuts, colored confetti and creams, enjoying them just sitting at the tables of places that have made the history of the place.

Biscuits and dry pastries

Other sweets born in the shadow of the faraglioni (stacks) are the goats. These are fragrant and soft biscuits with almond and lemon paste that are prepared with only egg whites and are gluten-free. The original recipe is secret, but it is known to all that these cookies are made by combining almonds with two wonderful typical products: the local lemons and limoncello liqueur, which characterize this icon of tastiness.

Do not forget, then, the ricci capresi, made with pine nuts and chocolate in the double version “black” and “white”. Moreover there is the pistachio cannolo, dry pastry and biscuits. Moreover there is the brioche “with tuppo” with cream, graffe (staples) and Kranz, both with sultanas and chocolate chips.

The staples, an exquisite yeast cake typical of Neapolitan cuisine

It is clear the enormous richness of flavors and scents that the Neapolitan pastry offers in its island declination, which we invite you to enjoy, choosing what appeals to you in the places that have contributed to writing the culinary history of Capri.