The living crib in the Monastery of Monticchio

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Presepe Vivente di Monticchio

The living crib in the Monastery of Monticchio

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In the evocative setting of the Monastery of Monticchio, located in the hills of Massa Lubrense, the Living Crib is celebrated this year. It is a magical event that involves visitors of all ages.

The dates of the event are 26, 27, 29 December and 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7 January, during which the premises of the monastery turn into a real village of ancient Palestine. This living crib offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the heart of Christian history and experience the enchantment of the birth of Jesus in a unique context.

Fotografie di Maria Rosaria Castellano

The Monastero del Santissimo Rosario di Monticchio, dating back to the eighteenth century, is distinguished by its charming architecture. It represents the perfect environment to host the living crib. The participants carefully wear clothes that recreate the characters of the evangelical history, together with their crafts and their occupations. In the evocative setting of the monastery, shepherds, the Magi, artisans and traders come to life. In this way visitors can live an authentic experience that recalls the daily life of those remote times.

The event is not only an opportunity to rediscover the Christmas tradition, but also an occasion to reflect on the deeper meaning of Christmas. The choice of setting the Living Nativity in the Monastery of Monticchio adds a touch of spirituality to the experience. In fact, the event turns into a moment of contemplation and reflection for the participants.

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