Massa Lubrense: protagonist of cinema since the 1950s

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Massa Lubrense: protagonist of cinema since the 1950s

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There are numerous film productions that have as their backdrop the breathtaking landscapes and the extraordinary beauties of Massa Lubrense. From Paolo Sorrentino to Pierce Brosnan, Massa Lubrense appears in the masterpieces of both national and international cinema.

In this article, you will find the best films shot in Massa Lubrense.

The Hand of God (2021)

Written and directed by director Paolo Sorrentino, nominated for an Oscar 2022 in the Best International Film section, and a Golden Globe 2022 for Best Foreign Film. The coast of Massa Lubrense and the protected marine area of Punta Campanella are the backdrop to the Schisa family’s holidays. In the opening scene, there is a tribute to Eduardo De Filippo, with the shot of the Isca islet which, for decades, was the home of the well-known Italian actor and playwright. The mayor of the municipality of Massa Lubrense himself invited the director Paolo Sorrentino to personally appreciate the natural beauties that this place has to offer.

Love Is All You Need (2012)

A film directed by Danish director Susanne Brier. Between Sorrento and Massa Lubrense the love story blossoms between Philip (Priece Brosnan), an English citizen living in Denmark and Ida, a Danish hairdresser. To bind the two protagonists is the imminent marriage of their respective children which forces them to leave for Italy and which sees the beginning of their love and the perfect city for romance in the Sorrento peninsula.

Ex 2: Still Friends? (2011)

A film directed and co-written by Carlo Vanzina. Sequel to “Ex” (2009) by Fausto Brizzi. Also in this film, there are scenes shot in Massa Lubrense, such as the village of Annunziata and the historic Villa Murat. Vincenzo Salemme, in the role of Antonio, is an ex-pharmacist who invites a group of ex-friends to his villa in the Sorrento peninsula. During the party, ties are found that, by now, were believed to have been lost. Some scenes are also shot in the square of the village of Annunziata, with Capri in the background.

Neapel sehen und erben: See Naples and Die (1988)

Directed by Marco Serafini, it is a German film with Massa Lubrense as its setting. The story begins in Germany and then continues, during the holidays, in Italy: landscapes of the Amalfi coast alternate with those in the seaside village of Marina della Lobra. The movie didn’t obtain a wide diffusion in Italian cinema, so today, in addition to the testimonies of the residents, it is possible to find only a few clips of the film that clearly show glimpses of the seaside village of Marina della Lobra.

Husban and Wife (1952)

The film is divided into two episodes, both directed and interpreted by Eduardo de Filippo. Much of his film was shot right in the village of Annunziata. De Filippo himself wanted the inhabitants of Massa Lubrense to act as extras. The film represents two episodes about married life: in the first episode, that of a poor man made immobile by paralysis and, in the second, that of Gennarino who, tired of his wife, his spinster sister, and a stupid son, invents a love story with a neighbor of his.

Village of Annunziata

Starting from the 1950s with Eduardo de Filippo, the relationship between Massa Lubrense and cinema is still maintained thanks to numerous national and international directors who, choose the beauties of Massa Lubrense as the film set for their movies.