Maratrail of Capri – 22 marzo 2015

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Maratrail of Capri – 22 marzo 2015

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Walking tour of the island of Capri

21 km of trails, little streets and sights


The association “Capri Outdoors” organizes the first Maratrail of Capri: a tour of the island on foot, through a circuit of 22 Km of 1000 meters in altitude.

The hike is not competitive and you can stop the route at will, or join in a halfway house.

Participation is free on your own responsibility.

Meet at 9:00 on March 22, 2015 at “Largo Fontana” in Marina Grande, starting at 9:15 am.

The tour may be canceled or changed for any reason. For information, contact the association at number 3470249559 or by email:

Itinerary of Maratrail of Capri

Start at 9:15 from Largo Fontana (port) to Piazzetta, Villa Jovis (via sentiero Calanca), Matermania, Dentecala, Piazzetta, Passetiello, Cetrella (PICNIC), Monte Solaro, Monte Cocuzzo, Migliara, Guardia, Faro, Fortini, Damecuta, Anacapri, Scala Fenicia, Marina Grande (port).

How to reach Capri and return

  • from Naples 8:05 (hydrofoil)
  • from Sorrento 7.45 (ship) or 8.35 (hydrofoil)
  • to Naples 17.00 (ship) or 18:10 (hydrofoil)
  • to Sorrento 17.40 (hydrofoil) or 18:45 (ship)

Map of Capri

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