Church of Sant’Andrea in Marciano

church of Sant'Andrea

Position: Marciano

The church of Sant’Andrea, in the picturesque hamlet of Marciano, has its roots in ancient times. Its foundation is attributed to Andrea del Maggio, whose family held the right of patronage over it. In 1613, it obtained the status of parish and underwent several renovations over the centuries. One in the XVIII century and another in 1893, the latter made possible thanks to the financial support of the Marciano’s emigrants in America.

The structure of the church has a single nave, enriched by the Main Altar in marble and a suggestive statue of the Sacred Heart. At its sides, we find the statues of the Madonna and Sant’Andrea

Inside the church, you can admire several paintings by Neapolitan artists of the XVIII century, including once there was also a painting depicting Sant’Andrea. Now is preserved in the adjacent Oratory of the Rosary

Along the walls of the nave there are two chapels, one on each side. The chapel on the side of the Gospel, built around 1680 by Giuseppe Cangiano of Naples, was restored in 1893. Here, the ancient painting of Sant’ Andrea was replaced by a half-bust wooden statue of the Saint. The opposite chapel, founded around 1560 by Masello Cangiano, originally housed the painting of the Madonna of the Rosary, now replaced by a statue of the Virgin.

Inside the church there was also an altar dedicated to San Lorenzo, with a painting depicting the Saint kneeling in front of the Madonna del Carmine. This painting, come from the church of San Lorenzo on the nearby Punta San Lorenzo, is no longer present, leaving only the memory of what was once his presence in the church.

chiesa di sant'Andrea