Autumn walks in Massa Lubrense

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Autumn walks in Massa Lubrense

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The Autumn Walks in Massa Lubrense are from 15 November to 20 December 2015:

Passeggiate d'autunno - Massa Lubrense 201515 november – ‘A via ‘e miez
Departure from Massa centro, Arorella, Via Vigliano, stop for lunch at Il giardino di Vigliano. After lunch: Via Partenope, Via San Montano, Via Sirignano, Massa centro.

29 november  – Seguendo gesuiti, agostiniani e francescani
Departure from Massa centro, Villarca, Santa Maria, Bevedere, Turro, Via Gesine, San Francesco, stop for lunch at Podere Don Peppe. After lunch: Via Bagnulo, Via Mortora, Massa centro.

6 december – Sant’Agata e dintorni
Departure from piazza di S. Agata sui Due Golfi, Via Termine, Deserto, Tore di Acquara, Acquara, Canale, stop for lunch at Villa Castanito. After lunch: Doppio corso or Pastena, Via Ghezzi, S. Agata.

20 december – La collina di Torquato Tasso
Departure from Massa centro, Cerriglio, Via Mortora, Prasiano, Montecorbo, stop for lunch at Tenuta Montecorbo. After lunch: Via del Generale, Via San Montano, Arorella, Massa centro.

Times and duration
All tours begin at 10:00 am. There is a stop at 13:00 with tasting of a traditional main course, in a local farmhouse. At 14:30 we leave again, to finish by 17:00.

Participation fees *
Adults: € 12.00
Children (under 12): € 8.00

*The fee includes the meal: 1 main course, water, 1 glass of wine, 1 dessert, 1 coffee.

Info and reservation:
Pro Loco Massa Lubrense: 081 5339021
Pro Loco Due Golfi: 081 5330135
Ufficio informagiovani: 0815339494