Santa Maria della Neve

Santa Maria della Neve

Santa Maria della Neve stands on a hill straddling the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno.

The hamlet is located in a green agricultural landscape made up of terraces that slope down towards the sea, on the Salerno side and on the Neapolitan side.

The center of Santa Maria della Neve is the characteristic tuff church, in the square where the cemetery overlooks.

Church of Santa Maria della Neve

In a panoramic position, on the top of the hill formerly called Monte Arso, the church was born as a small chapel. A hermit took care of the cult of Santa Maria della Neve, and lived there until 1763. From the first half of the sixteenth century, the ornate floor is dated 1763. In 1836 it underwent an important restoration and expansion: the two side chapels were built, which form a sort of cruise, the bell tower and the small rooms on the small vestibule, and the interior was decorated with white stuccos. The fresco image of the Madonna Bronzina among the SS. Francesco d’Assisi and Francesco di Paola, who previously could be seen through an open space in an anterior wall, with the demolition of this, was discovered in 1904, and the marble altar was attached to it. This being done, the rest of the fresco appeared, with the saints Francesco d’Assisi and Francesco di Paola. The veneration for the Madonna is greatly felt and the small sanctuary, on the feast day in particular, is a destination for devotees.

 How to get to Santa Maria della Neve

By car

To get to Santa Maria della Neve by car, from Massa Centro take Via Rotabile Massa Turro in direction of Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi; from here, take Via dei Campi. You can park in the little square of Santa Maria della Neve or along the street, in the blue lines.

Public transport

Some SITA buses to Marina del Cantone, leaving from Sorrento or Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi go through Santa Maria della Neve. We suggest you check the bus schedule.