A small village characterized by the tranquility of the roads and the beauty of the landscape: sea, mountains, deep valleys and vast terraces of citrus and olive trees.

Sant’Agnello is an ancient seaside resort located between Sorrento and Piano di Sorrento. It is located on a splendid terrace overlooking the sea, in fact, the coasts of Sant’Agnello are mostly made up of caves and rocks. 

The urban center extends from the coast overlooking the Gulf of Naples to the opposite side, on the hills halfway between the two gulfs; the presence of Roman remains attests to the pleasant climate and the beauty of the place.

This town bears the name of Sant’Agnello, the patron saint celebrated on December 14 and venerated in the homonymous Baroque church. The origin of the city is linked to the one of the Sorrento Peninsula which, according to some historians, dates back to two centuries before the foundation of Rome (721 BC).

What to visit in Sant’Agnello

Piazza Matteotti and Piazza Sant’Agnello are in the center of the town, where the patron saint’s church is located. The historic districts are the Angri district, the Cappuccini district and the Maiano district.

The church of Saints Prisco and Agnello

It is a church in honor of the patron saint of the city, located in the main square. The church is a monumental neoclassical building. Originally dedicated only to San Prisco, it was built around the fifteenth century under the direct control of the faithful residing in the town.

Later, with the spread of the cult of Sant’Agnello, the patron saint of pregnant women and pregnant animals, the church adopted the cult of the saint and was restructured several times.


Marinella Square overlooks Sorrento on one side and Naples on the other. From the square, which is a terrace overlooking the Gulf of Naples, you can reach the beach of the same name via an ancient Roman road carved into the rock. It is characterized by soft sand and from this place you can fully enjoy the beauty of the coast. Furthermore, the shallow waters make it ideal for families with young children. The beach has all the comforts and it is possible to reserve deck chairs and umbrellas in advance.

Villa Crawford

This Villa, located in front of the Marinella beach, is named after the American writer Francis Marion Crawford. It is an important testimony of the cultural currents of the nineteenth century, in fact, it embodies its spirit and atmosphere. Here the writer composed many of his works, inspired by the calm climate of the peninsula. Over time, Crawford has made many changes to his house, making it look like an old medieval castle. Later, sculptures, his father’s works and ancient artifacts were added to the garden. This villa is part of the history of Sant’Agnello because for many years it was the reference and meeting point of the local cultural environment, preserving very important finds.

How to get to Sant’Agnello

By car

Massa CentroSant’Agnello 9,5 km
Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi > Sant’Agnello 8,5 km
Napoli > Sant’Agnello 47 km
Parking areas: blue lines, municipal and private parking lots

Public Transport

Massa CentroSant’Agnello Line A – EAV bus
Surroundings > Sorrento > Sant’Agnello SITA bus + EAV bus
Napoli > Sant’Agnello Circumvesuviana train

At this link you can consult the timetables.