That precipitous coast, steamy, hot, with the crystalline mountains where the gods of today are forsaken and you find a lost self again

H. Lawrence


Agerola is the oldest village on the Amalfi coast, as it is testified by the Necropolis of the IX century B.C.  discovered in the hamlet of Bomerano. It is located in a valley of the Mounts Lattari, at about 600 meters above sea level. Agerola boasts a strategic location, thanks to which it is possible to overlook the breathtaking panoramic view from Punta Licosa to Capri. The land is characterized by deep valleys, torrents and rocky walls that reach 1400 mt in height. From here several hiking trails branch out, the most evocative of which is the famous ‚Sentiero degli Dei‘ (Trail of the Gods).

The main feature of Agerola is the high agricultural vocation, which according to historians is also emphasised by the latin etymology of the place-name ‚Ager‘ (field). From these cultivated terraces several  products are originated, such as chestnuts, nuts, ‘pinnate’ pears and the typical ‘tubbiona’ apples. The gastronomy of Agerola is enriched with prestigious products, among which the ‚Provolone del Monaco‘ cheese (D.O.P certified) and different varieties of bread, nationally recognised with  the mark „Agerola città del pane“ (town of bread).