Church of San Tommaso Apostolo in Torca

Position: Torca

The church of S. Tommaso Apostolo dates back to the 14th century. The church has a single nave, vaulted, with a dome and apse.

The High Altar of the XVIII century, in polychrome marble, is surmounted by a canvas dating back to 1604. It represents Jesus in the Cenacle, between the Apostles and St. Thomas, incredulous, who touches his wounds.

In “Cornu Evangeli” the entrance to the sacristy is followed by the dedicated altars: one to the Madonna delle Grazie with a canvas of the Virgin, removed and transferred to the organ stage, the other, from the eighth century, dedicated to St. Stephen. The painting represents the scene of the martyrdom of the Saint of Jerusalem.

On the side of the epistle follow three altars: the first is consecrated to the Virgin of the Carmelites. The painting of the Madonna, in 1685, replaced the one painted on the wall depicting the Madonna dei Carmine among the SS. Francesco di Paola, Onofrio and Antonio di Padova. The next altar, from the Pastena family, from 1583, is dedicated to St. Leonardo; it then passed to the Confraternity of SS. Rosary by permission of Mons. Centino Maurizio, bishop of Massa, on June 26, 1626. The last altar is from 1853, consecrated first to the Purification and then to the SS. Crucifix. It was replaced by another one of polychrome marbles by Carlo Schiano, under the pontificate of Bishop Mons. De Rossi, it then had a third dedication with a too ruined painting of St. Mary Magdalene.

Adjacent to the church is the oratory of St Mary Of The Rosary and of San Filippo Neri. Under the patronage of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary there is the Congrega di S. Filippo. The Oratory was founded in 1696 by the Rev. Tommaso Merolla. The altar in polychrome marble from the 1700s, with a case of semi-precious stones and lapis lazuli, is of great value.