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Sagra del Limone Massa Lubrense - 2018 limoncello

10 souvenirs from Massa Lubrense

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If your destination is Massa Lubrense and you are wondering which are the most original souvenirs or typical gastronomic products that you could buy here, we have compiled a list for you from which you can take inspiration. Read on if you’re looking for the perfect souvenir!

1. Pottery

The perfect souvenir is the one made in the hands of an expert artisan, who will amaze you with original creations of ceramics inspired by tradition, technical and stylistic innovations. The beauty of porcelain is enhanced by exuberant colors but there are also more sober and minimalist creations. It satisfies all tastes and ensures you a great impression. 

2. Provolone del Monaco

Provolone del Monaco is obtained from a long maturation of the milk, exclusively raw, of the Agerola cows that graze freely in the Lattari Mountains. Its shape is similar to that of an elongated melon and its weight varies from three to eight kilograms. The long seasoning, of about 7/8 months, gives the cheese a yellowish texture. To appreciate provolone, it is usually served with seasonal fruit or, even better, it can be enjoyed with jam.

3. Handmade sandals

When you are exploring Massa Lubrense, you may come across shoemakers who, in a few minutes, make customized sandals for you. You can choose the material, colors, and any decorations that make the customer experience fun and creative. Once the craftsman’s work is finished, you will be thrilled to show off your new sandals. Take yourself a couple of sandals as a souvenir.

4. Paintings and pictures

Usually by visiting such characteristic places, we can find paintings made by local artists in the souvenir shops. These impress on canvas small glimpses of characteristic streets or a truly suggestive view of the sea. Each work is unique and contains details that others do not have. Find the most enchanting paintings among the shops and take home with you a memory imprinted on the canvas.

5. Lemon themed souvenirs

The European Union has recognized the uniqueness of the ‘Sorrento’s Lemon’, also known as ‘Massa’s Lemon’, giving it the IGP mark. From lemon, you can get the most imaginative gift ideas. Among these, you could decide upon the purchase of the famous ‘limoncello’, the particular lemon jam, 100% organic lemon soap or themed handcrafted objects.

Souvenirs from Massa Lubrense

6.  Sorrento walnut liqueur

Sorrento’s walnuts are very popular, they are also known outside Italy, thanks to their light flavor and tender and crunchy texture. In addition to the better-known limoncello, a souvenir appreciated by lovers of liqueurs is the one produced with fresh Sorrento’s walnuts, known as ‘nocino’ or ‘nocillo’. As a rule, the liqueur is served after meals as a digestive and can be accompanied by treats.

7. Olive oil

Among the typical products, Massa Lubrense also offers a refined production of olive oil, which has been awarded the D.O.P. mark. Olive oil is a typical product of Italian culture. A small bottle could be the ideal gift for those who appreciate Mediterranean cuisine.

8. Local recipe book

When traveling, you don’t always have time to experience everything the local cuisine has to offer. Buying a local cookbook might be the easiest way to take home some of your dining experience and what you couldn’t taste to replicate by yourself.

9. Furniture created with the inlay technique

The inlay technique is an art entirely born in the Sorrento area, then spread throughout Italy. This procedure involves decorating the surface of the furniture with wood, mother of pearl, and other materials. The craftsman engages all his ingenuity to make the furniture real furnishing treasures that give a touch of originality to your house.

10. Fridge magnet

Last but not least, after a journey to discover a new location, buying the typical magnet to attach to the fridge is a must. Often you come across souvenir shops and one of the first things you will notice are the walls with magnets of every shape, subject, and color attached to them. Selecting the most beautiful is a difficult choice but it is the best souvenir to end your journey.

Part of the travel experience consists in researching and discovering what the area has to offer. As you may have noticed, Massa Lubrense represents the ideal tourist destination for those who love to immerse themselves in nature, among breathtaking and characteristic views and sunsets over the sea. As a final point, it offers its visitors a wide choice of typical local products in order to fully appreciate their stay in this locality.

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3 days in Massa Lubrense | travel itinerary

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written by Serena Lobianco

Planning a 3 days itinerary in Massa Lubrense is simple if you take advantage of indications or ideas from which to start. This article is intended as a guide to discovering Massa Lubrense. 3 days of travel in which we recommend: places to visit, activities and gastronomic products. The key to a memorable experience.


    Our first step of the journey is in the heart of Massa Lubrense, where the Cathedral of ‘Santa Maria delle Grazie’ is located. The works of art that it houses inside evoke a flourishing aesthetic culture. For example, there is the board depicting the “Madonna delle Grazie” and the tablet of the ‘Baptism of Christ’.
    A few steps from Santa Maria delle Grazie, in Largo Vescovado, you can admire a suggestive view of the island of Capri and the island of Ischia.
    It is a small borough witnessing the first Norman settlement of the city of Massa Lubrense. History is not the only attraction of Annunziata, because, in addition to the remains of the walls that surrounded the Aragonese Castle, reaching the viewpoint near the ancient defense tower, you can admire the panorama that the Sorrento’s peninsula offers.
    Along the road that passes through Marciano, not surprisingly called “Nastro d’Oro”, you can admire from above the ancient Saracen tower of San Lorenzo and a breathtaking coastal panorama, directly overlooking the island of Capri.
    Once you reach the hamlet of Termini, you can go to the top of Monte San Costanzo by car or even on foot, via a path. Even if the small white church is not always open to the public, from this point you come across a 360° view from which you can admire the gulfs of Naples and Salerno.
    Marina del Cantone overlooks the Gulf of Salerno, its pristine beaches and crystal clear sea make for a heavenly atmosphere. Moreover, there are numerous restaurants located on the beach where you can try Spaghetti alla Nerano and various other local specialties.
    Sant’Agata is the largest fraction of Massa Lubrense, it is located between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno. In fact, its name derives from its location. In this area you can visit:
    Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie: founded in the mid-1700s, on the inside it preserves the statue of Sant’Agata and some paintings of the sixteenth century;
    Monastery of San Paolo al Deserto: a structure inhabited by a group of cloistered nuns. It is the highest point of Sant’Agata, therefore, if you climb the tower you can admire the meeting of the two gulfs, enclosed in a surprising and unforgettable view. At sunset, the panorama takes on a romantic connotation that is simply unique. 
3 giorni a Massa Lubrense | Itinerario
San Costanzo’s Church


During the second day of the trip, you could go on an excursion and hike through the paths. Consult this page for more detailed information on trekking.

    The route starts from Piazza Santa Croce in Termini and ends with the arrival at the tower of Punta Campanella from which you can admire the island of Capri.
    Starting from Nerano you arrive at the wonderful Ieranto’s Bay. The path is an immersion between land and sea: you pass through the vegetation until you reach the bay and admire the crystal clear sea.
    It is the most challenging route of the three but the effort will be rewarded by the unforgettable view. From the beginning of the path, you can see the Li Galli islets, the Vetara and the Isca islets, as well as the Crapolla tower. To get to the end of the path you have to go down a staircase of about 700 steps until you reach the sea.
3 giorni a Massa Lubrense | Itinerario
Punta Campanella


The last of the 3 days can be dedicated to the gastronomic experience in farmhouses and relaxing on the beach.

Massa Lubrense has a wide range of agritourism structures and farms that can be visited. Hospitality is not the only attraction of the place, in fact, each company is unique in its kind and involves the customer by offering different activities. Last but not least, each structure offers a great variety of local culinary specialties that you will not find somewhere else, such as ‘Provolone del Monaco’ or olive oil.

After spending half a day in the countryside, the other half can be spent on the beaches of Massa Lubrense. Marina di Puolo is located at the beginning of the Lubrense coast and continuing on there are Marina della Lobra, Cala di Mitigliano, Marina del Cantone, Recommone Bay.

Eventually, you can decide to do a sporting activity such as a kayak ride or scuba diving.

What if 3 days in Massa Lubrense aren’t enough for you? You can always come back!

3 giorni a Massa Lubrense | Itinerario
Lemon grove
Traveling, for many, means wearing the clothes of a tourist and holding the camera, but if your goal is to explore a destination in first person, you have to immerse yourself in the explorer's perspective.
I invite you to become a curious traveler and take the most that this place has to offer.

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