Formerly called “Scazano”, it is a small hamlet of Massa Lubrense, located on the northern slope of the hill which extends up to Termini.

Right in the heart of the Sorrento Peninsula, Schiazzano is immersed in an environment of ancient charm, with its pleasant climate, the green of the chestnut woods and the scent of the lemon gardens.

Chiesa di Schiazzano - Massa Lubrense

The village was once one of the richest thanks to maritime trade, today the inhabitants of Schiazzano continue to base their main activity on trade and agricultural activities. 

It is about a kilometer from the city center of Massa and its community gathers around the Parish of SS. Savior. 

A 18th century palace is in front of the church and is a destination for tourists who like to wander the narrow streets of the village, talk to the locals and taste their products on the farms that are around the small center.


Costruita alla fine del Cinquecento, sui resti di una chiesa quattrocentesca, la chiesa del SS. Salvatore fu ultimata verso il 1624, come indica la data riportata sul frontone dell’ingresso.

The church has a single nave with a vault, apse and dome. The Arco Maggiore is located between two chapels; three other altars follow on each side of the nave. The high altar, in polychrome marble, dates from the eighteenth century, houses the simulacrum of the SS. Salvatore in an altarpiece with columns and broken pediment.

Feast of the SS. Salvatore and Fiordilatte Festival in Schiazzano

Sagra del fiordilatte - Schiazzano - Massa Lubrense

On the occasion of the patronal feast of SS. Salvatore, on August 6 and in the following days, the Fiordilatte Festival is held in the enchanting village of Schiazzano.

The festival celebrates Fior di Latte mozzarella, local cheeses, provolone del Monaco, but also lemons. A set of typical products of Massa Lubrense and the Sorrento Peninsula in general, prepared in skilful traditional recipes and offered to visitors.

The Local Craft Exhibition that accompanies the festival, presents handcrafted creations in wrought iron, mosaic work of glass, wood products, embroidery and lace.

Living nativity scene in Schiazzano

Presepe vivente Schiazzano

The “Amici di Schiazzano” committee during the Christmas period transforms its agricultural village into a small Jerusalem. The path of the Living Nativity begins a short distance from the square, next to the parish church of SS. Salvatore and winds its way through narrow streets – bordered by citrus groves and vineyards, stables, craft shops and outdoor shops – and ancient entrance halls of rural buildings.

All reconstructed as a large Neapolitan eighteenth-century presepe in which, among signs bearing short passages of the Gospel, about a hundred figures in costume move: men, women, the elderly, children and many pets recite scenes of life lived as if they were in the zero year of Christianity.

While some figures-actors-shepherds are intent on buying fruit and vegetables in the halls of rural buildings, others appear in old shops to observe workers intent on crafts, others still negotiate in large shops for the purchase and sale of food products, such as mozzarella , caciocavalli, Provolone del Monaco, and even fresh fish of the day.

Furthermore, some courtyards of noble palaces are animated by other characters in period costumes, in the roles of soldiers next to the Roman consul or guards next to King Herod; and again, Jewish priests, scribes and finally angels and shepherds visiting the Holy Family, housed in a hut just over half of the suggestive route.


By car

To reach Schiazzano by car, from Massa Centro take the Massa Turro rolling stock; then turn right following the indications. There is a place for the car in the blue stripes or in the square.

Public transport

SITA buses between Massa centro and Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi stop at the intersection with the crossbar for Schiazzano. Some reach the village square. It is advisable to consult the timetable.