Azienda Agrituristica Turuziello

Azienda Agrituristica Turuziello

A thousand-year heritage
of manual skills, flavors and traditional knowledge.

The family-run company makes use of the precious collaboration of the whole family and is engaged in the production of cheeses: mozzarella, caciotte, caciocavalli and above all provolone del monaco DOP, still made according to the original recipes handed down from father to son.

The Il Turuziello farm offers a mouthwatering “mozzarella making” where you can witness the transformation of simple milk into mozzarella in real time.

It also offers the food and wine tour “Schiazzano and Traditions”: guided tour of a historic citrus grove (since 1893) with tasting of typical products and tasting and illustration of Limoncello as per the ancient recipe. Guided tour of the Turuziello farmhouse with “mozzarella making”. “Pizza making” at the Da Francesco restaurant located in the historic center of Schiazzano.

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