The coast of Massa Lubrense by kayak 

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The coast of Massa Lubrense by kayak 

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written by Serena Lobianco

Interview with Luca Zuddas

Luca Zuddas is one of the co-founders of the “Chasing Syrens” company which organizes tours to safely explore the coast of Massa Lubrense in transparent kayaks.

  • Why choose to go on a kayak excursion in Massa Lubrense?

Massa Lubrense attracts many tourists also thanks to the beauty of its coasts. Furthermore, these are included in a large natural park, the Punta Campanella Marine Protected Area. The beauty of exploring our sea lies in being able to admire the coasts: kayaking allows you to get as close as possible to them.

Last but not least, driving a kayak is a physical activity, a further point in its favor.

  • What makes a kayak excursion along the coasts different from a boat trip?

I worked with boats for 20 years and with canoes for 6 years. I believe that these experiences are completely different. First of all, the boat allows you to reach a speed not comparable to that of a kayak and the boat is more popular with those who choose comfort as a priority. While a kayak excursion is preferred by those who also want to do sports. In addition, a kayaking experience brings us more in contact with nature and is a more eco-friendly approach with a view to respecting the sea.

Massa Lubrense in kayak
  • Who are kayak excursions suitable for?

Definitely for everyone. However, there are some factors that need to be taken into account, such as physical strength. Although it does not require high-intensity physical exertion, it is always fundamental that the person who is going to ride the kayak is healthy and without any particular health problems.

  • Are there any requirements to be able to do it? Is there any necessary equipment?

In the first place, you need to learn some basic notions. A 15-minutes lesson before the kayak tour is sufficient. As for the equipment, we provide lifejackets which are essential for excursions in the open sea. Also, especially out of season, you may need to wear anoraks to protect yourself.

Massa Lubrense in kayak
  • Are there tours with different degrees of difficulty? Examples?

There are several kinds of tours and they depend above all on the itinerary set. But it is not necessary to try very long itineraries to enjoy a good experience. All in all, this is also the beauty of Massa Lubrense. For example, from Marina del Cantone there are small itineraries that require 15 minutes and others more demanding that require 45 minutes, such as the tour to the Bay of Ieranto. The important thing is that those who approach this activity are aware of the physical effort required since the kayak has no engine!

  • At what age can we start?

The tourist kayak tour is not precluded to anyone, provided that you have reached the minimum age to be able to direct the kayak alone. On the other hand, I recommend entrusting a single-seat canoe to those who are at least 13/14 years old, but even in this case, it is important that they know how to swim. Secondly, with regard to a double canoe, one must always consider how much physical strength the partner who shares the kayak with the child has. In the case of the tour to the natural reserve of the Bay of Ieranto, for example, we believe it is necessary that you are at least 8 years old since a section of the path is in the open sea.

Alternatively, in the afternoon, we offer a shorter tour inside the bay of Marina del Cantone, especially appreciated by families with younger children.

Massa Lubrense in kayak
  • What was your best moment spent on the kayak and where were you?

One of the most exciting moments was in the second year of starting my kayaking business. I was returning from the Bay of Ieranto, in the last stretch of the open sea, I was with a tourist with whom I shared the kayak. In that circumstance, at a distance of about 30 meters, we sighted a dolphin that soon after went away. Certainly, it is not something that happens every day and we felt lucky. At the same time, however, a bit of fear was added to the initial amazement because the size of the dolphin equals that of the kayak and if it had approached us, we could have taken risk!

In summary, a kayak trip will allow you to totally immerse yourself in the marine landscape of Massa Lubrense, giving you an experience in close contact with its elements. Thanks to Luca Zuddas we discovered that it is an activity accessible to all and safe thanks to the aid of specific precautions. Are you ready to take on this adventure?

Luca Zuddas

Kayak instructor and co-founder of Chasing Syrens, he offers transparent kayak excursions in Marina del Cantone.

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