Church of Santa Croce in Termini

Church of Santa Croce

Position: Termini

The parish was established in 1566 in Termini by Mons. Belloni. The present church stands on the ancient estaurita of the Holy Cross, which is known since the fifteenth century. Rebuilt in the first half of the seventeenth century, it has a single nave and apse and dome. There are four arches, two on each side, each with altar. Above the high altar in marble, a painting by Massimo Stanzione represents the Pietà which sustains Jesus died at the foot of the Cross.

In “Cornu Evangeli”, after the sacristy, there is the marble altar of the Virgin of the Rosary, erected in 1867 by the Congregation of the same name. Before the renovation of the church, the former altar was dedicated to St. Cataldo and there was temporarily housed the famous relic, now venerated in the Cathedral. Another altar of the fifteenth century was abandoned, then rebuilt. It is dedicated to Purgatory.

In “Cornu Epistulae”, at the entrance of the church, there is the ancient altar, which existed before the new church. A painting depicts the Madonna, and SS. Anthony and Michael. An arcade-shaped square is at the entrance of church.