Chapel of San Pietro in Crapolla, Torca

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Chapel of San Pietro

Position: Crapolla, Torca

The small Chapel of San Pietro was built with the same stones that once belonged to a Black Benedictine Monastery, more commonly known as the Abbey of San Pietro. Next to the chapel, some columns and marble bases dating back to the ancient building are still visible. Legend has it that the abbey was built on the remains of a Roman temple, built in turn on the remains of a temple dedicated to Apollo, from which the toponym Crapolla derives.

According to tradition, St. Peter landed in Crapolla on his journey to Rome. On 29 June each year, on the occasion of the feast of St. Peter, the faithful leave early in the morning on a pilgrimage from Torca to the Chapel of St. Peter, where Holy Mass is celebrated; the celebrations then continue on the beach between food and fun.

The space in front of the chapel offers a privileged vantage point on the island of Isca. On the left, the Monte di Torca with the Tower of Crapolla, part of the defensive system of the watchtowers present throughout the coast and the interior of the Massa Lubrense area.