Chapel of San Pietro in Crapolla, Torca

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Chapel of San Pietro

Position: Crapolla, Torca

The small Chapel of San Pietro is located in the charming town of Crapolla. It is a jewel steeped in history and legend. It was built with stones that once belonged to the Black Benedictine Monastery, also known as Saint Peter’s Abbey. The chapel is surrounded by elements that tell the story of an ancient and fascinating past.

Next to the chapel stand majestic columns and marble bases dating back to the time of the ancient monastery. The legend that surrounds this place suggests that the abbey was built on the remains of a Roman temple (which was erected on the remains of an ancient temple dedicated to Apollo). From here derives the name Crapolla, which brings with it traces of a thousand-year history.

According to the tradition, Saint Peter stopped in Crapolla during his journey to Rome. Every year, on the morning of June 29, on the feast of Saint Peter, the faithful undertake a pilgrimage from Torca to the chapel. Here, in a suggestive celebration of the Holy Mass, the devotees pay homage to the saint. There are celebrations that extend to the beach, where food and fun come together in an atmosphere of joy and devotion.

The space in front of the chapel offers a privileged view of the island of Isca, giving visitors an enchanting view of this corner of paradise. To the left, Mount Torca dominates the horizon, with the Tower of Crapolla that is part of the defensive system of watchtowers. In fact, in the past the security of the coast was guaranteed by powerful avant-garde structures.

The St Peter’s Chapel in Crapolla is a unique place that invites visitors to immerse themselves in the evocative atmosphere of a past full of charm and mystery.