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Ready for the Lemon Festival 2022

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Walkings, tastings and shows to celebrate one of the symbols of local gastronomy.

In Massa Lubrense we are preparing to host the lemon festival “Limoni in festa”, two days of good cuisine and traditions promoted by the association Pro Loco Massa Lubrense with the patronage and the city’s contribution: the appointment is for Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of July, in Largo Vescovado. Now in its 46th edition, the event returns after two years of stop imposed by the pandemic.

Limoni in Festa 2022

The traditional “agropasseggiata” will open the program, on July 9 at 9 am. It is a walk on paths and alleys of the old town, among olive and lemon groves. In the evening, at 6:30 pm, the town center will come alive with the opening of the stands of crafts and typical products and the lemon tasting itinerary.

There will be shows: on Saturday at 9 pm the actor Gino Rivieccio will propose to the public his show ‘Da cosa nasce cosa’, while on Sunday at 9 pm the musical group ‘La Maschera’ will perform in the concert  ‘Sotto chi tene core’. “We couldn’t wait to organize our festival again – observes Anna Teresa Pappalardo, president of Pro Loco Massa Lubrense – I thank all those working for its realization with renewed enthusiasm, waiting to be all together in the square”. 

“The festival returns after two years of stop – emphasizes Antonino Esposito, managing director Agriculture of Massa Lubrense – with the aim of enhancing an extraordinary product such as the lemon of Massa Lubrense, the ‘femminiello’: oval, with a juicy straw-yellow pulp, a concentrate of vitamin C and mineral salts, with a skin rich in essential oils.”

The lemon festival is part of the frame of ‘Omaggio alla bellezza’, the cycle of summer events promoted by the city administration of Massa Lubrense: “With this review – concludes Giovanna Staiano, Councillor for Tourism Massa Lubrense – we have given rise to several initiatives for tourists and residents, which lead to the discovery and enhancement of our extraordinary land.”

For more information: Limoni in Festa 2022 – Massa Lubrense (

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Hiking for children: “Merende Itineranti” by Lucia Sessa

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written by Miriam Russo

Hiking is a very common activity nowadays. It is based on walks along paths surrounded by nature – usually on mountains. The aim is to explore and discover the territory, so as to see and live it even closer.
Not only is this kind of excursion widespread in Massa Lubrense area, but it is also expanded thanks to projects and events for adults and children. Especially the latter can get in touch with this exciting activity and, at the same time, get to know the territory. For that matter, one of the luckiest projects is “Merende Itineranti“, conceived by Lucia Sessa for the Pro Loco Massa Lubrense, to whom we asked some questions to find out more about hiking for children.

What is hiking and why is it the ideal activity for everyone

Hiking is generally the activity of walking, which differs from trekking in terms of times and duration: while trekking (which is also very popular in Massa Lubrense) includes excursions of several days, hiking takes place in one day only. Furthermore, hiking has its main focus on the movement, therefore it is mostly experienced as a sporting activity. Extending it to children, it allows them too to walk and move and to discover the territory at the same time.
It is ideal for everyone because – thanks to its short duration – it allows the little ones too to move without making too much effort. Moreover, as Lucia Sessa has highlighted, it helps to regain good breathing, which has great and positive consequences on both physical and psychological walkers’ condition.

Children group of Merende Itineranti

Hiking rules for kids

Although it is an activity that makes one free, hiking has its own rules too. They are based mostly on respect towards the surrounding nature and other people. For this reason, children are told to be silent during the walks and/or to stop at some points. This allows them to respect the common pace and to take time to breathe and observe what is around them, too. Another important rule is to follow and listen to the guide who describes interesting details along the road and points out any dangers.

Kids from the Merende Itineranti project walking and discovering

“Merende Itineranti” project

It’s a project born with the aim to create activities specifically for children during summertime. From the beginning, there was a double purpose: physical activity on one hand and discovery of the territory on the other. Over time, thanks to the positive feedback gained, Lucia Sessa and her team were able to diversify their excursion plans. They chose even longer paths which led them to farmhouses where kids were able to be in touch with animals and even learn about the local dairy production. At the very basis of the project, there is always the aim to get children involved, in fact, they carry out different tasks. In some experiences, for example, they have been able to discover particular locations and to see closely how the old crafts are still done nowadays.
Moreover, when it is time to have a snack, children are offered local biological products, with the purpose of taking care of nutrition too, which is another fundamental rule of hiking.

Hiking for children: learning and discovery activities in agritourisms provided by the Merende Itineranti project

First reactions and approaches

The first reaction to the project was undoubtedly positive and proactive: the children saw in the “Merende” an opportunity for sharing and a way to be together at the end of school. At the same time, their parents too found pleasure in learning about characteristics and features of the place that – in the habit of everyday life – they didn’t even notice. Over time, this has led to a growing will of participation which has made the project successful.

Activities and games played by the kids of the Merende Itineranti project

Age ranges for hiking for children

Hiking really is an activity within everyone’s reach. In fact, the children who participate to the “Merende Itineranti” project are aged from 5 years upwards. In cases of more difficult itineraries, the age group can change, but basically, it is an activity suitable for all ages. There is a careful selection of the paths based on the ideal of maximum inclusiveness. For this reason, the routes proposed are accessible also to participants with disabilities, giving them the opportunity to join the project and benefit from both the hiking and the discovery of the territory. In fact, hiking in the area is practiced by involving all the fractions of Massa Lubrense. Therefore, excursions are organized so as to reach different areas of the place in order to create more collectivity and learning opportunities.

Hiking for children: group of adults and kids walking

All these characteristics – and the way Lucia Sessa and the “Merende Itineranti” project carried out the hiking for children activity – make it something unique that everyone, adults and children, should try. Our invitation and advice are to experience what it really means to immerse yourself in nature, to discover and know more about the territory of Massa Lubrense as well as yourself.

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Trekking: 10 tips for beginners

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di Angela della Ventura

Intervista a Michele Palomba

Una delle attività più suggestive da fare a Massa Lubrense è sicuramente il trekking. Spesso succede che, pur volendo cominciare a camminare, si rimandi di continuo perché non si sa da dove iniziare. È proprio per questo motivo che abbiamo intervistato un esperto del settore, Michele Palomba, che ci ha fornito 10 preziosi consigli per godere al meglio di questa meravigliosa esperienza.

1. Oggetti fondamentali da avere sempre con noi

Al contrario di ciò che potremmo pensare, non serve portarsi dietro un’infinità di oggetti, spesso anche ingombranti. Basta, infatti, lo stretto necessario da tenere in uno zainetto, poiché è importante avere le mani libere per un equilibrio migliore o per aiutarci a procedere su percorsi particolarmente difficili.
Questi oggetti sono:

  • una borraccia;
  • degli snack;
  • degli occhiali da sole;
  • un cappellino:
  • un ricambio in caso di cattivo tempo o anche solo per potersi cambiare dopo aver sudato (importanti i calzini);
  • un capo caldo;
  • un capo impermeabile;
  • una torcia frontale, utile soprattutto in inverno, quando il sole tramonta abbastanza presto;
  • il cellulare sempre carico;
  • un piccolo kit di ponto soccorso;
  • i bastoncini.

2. Cosa mettere nel kit di pronto soccorso

kit pronto soccorso

In quanto a medicinali è opportuno portare con sé quelli assunti giornalmente, prescritti dal medico per eventuali patologie, o ad esempio antistaminici in caso di allergie. È molto importante non somministrare ad amici o addirittura sconosciuti i nostri farmaci personali (in particolare in questa circostanza, anche se è bene non farlo mai), soprattutto se non sono stati mai assunti prima.
Nel vero e proprio kit, che è consigliabile tenere in un sacchetto a tenuta stagna (quelli per alimenti), vanno invece inserite poche cose, ma indispensabili per le piccole ferite che ci si può causare sul percorso:

  • cerotti di differenti misure, per piccole escoriazioni;
  • disinfettante, ponendo attenzione alla dicitura “per cute lesa”;
  • garze e nastri, per medicare le eventuali ferite;
  • pinzetta per la cura personale, utile a estrarre piccole schegge dalle ferite;

Sono, ovviamente, facoltativi altri presidi medici, che è però possibile portare con sé nel caso in cui si sia qualificati per utilizzarli.

3. Abbigliamento più indicato per questo tipo di attività

Uno dei consigli più scontati, ma anche il più utile, è quello di vestire a strati con capi che, indossati da soli, non risultino particolarmente caldi o pesanti, ma che, ben stratificati, possano dare il giusto comfort al corpo in ogni momento della camminata.
Partendo dalla base, a seconda della stagione, metteremo una maglietta a manica corta o una termica a maniche lunghe; proseguendo è sempre utile, in ogni stagione, un pile, per la brezza e per le zone in ombra. Sempre in base alla stagione, uno strato ulteriore è quello composto dal piumino in inverno e dalla giacca a vento in primavera/estate , che può essere facilmente indossato o tolto a seconda della situazione esterna.
Come tessuti, sono sconsigliati il denim e quelli felpati, poiché impiegano davvero molto tempo ad asciugarsi nel caso in cui ci si sia bagnati attraversando un ruscello o a causa della pioggia.
Consigliati sono invece i tessuti traspiranti, freschi, più indicati per qualunque tipo di sport per l’asciugatura rapida e la resistenza.

4. Che tipo di scarpe indossare

Le scarpe sono l’elemento fondamentale dell’equipaggiamento di un escursionista, anche se spesso vengono bistrattate perché il loro reale valore viene sottovalutato.
Infatti è importante utilizzare sempre delle scarpe apposite per questo tipo di attività, anche su percorsi che all’apparenza risultano facili, proprio perché il loro scopo è quello di aiutarci a camminare.
All’inizio possono risultare dure, ma questa loro durezza è studiata appositamente per dare sostegno a tutto il corpo; al contrario le sneakers, o le scarpe da passeggio, con la loro cedevolezza non ci garantiscono sostegno ed equilibrio, anche se di primo impatto ci risultano più comode.
Hanno, ancora, una suola scolpita per permettere un’ottima presa su qualsiasi tipo di terreno.
Infine un consiglio, soprattutto per coloro che sono alle prime armi, è quello di acquistare scarponi alti, anche se ci sembrano inutili e troppo costosi; sono infatti studiati appositamente per attutire qualsiasi tipo di infortunio, poiché sorreggono molto meglio la caviglia rispetto a quelli bassi, avvolgendola completamente.

5. Consigli per scegliere il percorso più adatto ad ogni esigenza

Ci sono diversi modi per poter capire come soddisfare al meglio ogni nostra esigenza: ci si può, infatti, affidare sia a guide cartacee che a guide online. C’è anche la possibilità di rivolgersi a chi è più esperto, come per esempio un amico, una guida o una pro loco. Tra i consigli c’è quello di non affidarsi mai a siti dove chiunque può caricare le tracce dei percorsi, poiché non potremmo mai sapere in che condizioni è la strada da percorrere, quale sia il livello di esperienza necessario per poterlo affrontare. Altro suggerimento è quello di non affidarsi alla massa, quindi non scegliere un determinato percorso perché è, a detta d’altri, più semplice o solo perché viene scelto da molte persone.

6. Consigli su come prepararsi al meglio

Hiking in Massa Lubrense

Potrebbe essere molto utile seguire un corso base di escursionismo per avere familiarità con il gergo tecnico, per la valutazione tecnica del fondo che ci si troverà davanti, del dislivello in salita che si dovrà affrontare; questo ci aiuterà, quindi, a scegliere un percorso soddisfacente sia a livello paesaggistico, ma che soddisfi soprattutto le nostre capacità fisiche, per non trasformare questa esperienza meravigliosa in qualcosa di sgradevole.
Per quanto riguarda la preparazione fisica, chi è alle prime armi può fare passeggiate per allenare il corpo a quella che sarà la salita, ma anche semplicemente, per chi non ha la possibilità di dedicarsi giornalmente all’attività fisica, prediligere le scale all’ascensore.

7. Come controllare le previsioni meteo

Quello delle previsioni meteo è un argomento molto discusso e delicato da affrontare. Le varie applicazioni per smartphone sono un ottimo mezzo a cui affidarsi per avere un quadro generale della situazione. Però bisogna sempre ricordare che in aperta natura, e specialmente in montagna, le condizioni meteo variano repentinamente e in modo imprevisto. È infatti molto probabile che sulle vette delle montagne si verifichino temporali isolati, che sono impossibili da prevedere.
Non bisogna però demonizzare le escursioni sotto la pioggia, cosa che a volte spaventa; con le dovute precauzioni, infatti, è un’esperienza unica e molto suggestiva.

8. Come affrontare un’escursione con dei bambini

Anche per i bambini è molto bello il contatto con la natura grazie alle passeggiate in montagna. Bisogna, ovviamente, avere un occhio di riguardo in queste specifiche situazioni, soprattutto con bambini particolarmente vispi e curiosi. Alcuni dei consigli sono quelli di prediligere il periodo primaverile ed estivo, quando il meteo è generalmente più clemente, ma anche di scegliere percorsi semplici e ben ombreggiati per evitare affaticamento, infortuni e colpi di calore. Per invogliarli lo si può trasformare in un gioco, durante il quale si sentiranno piccoli esploratori, e ciò li spingerà sicuramente a voler ripetere con piacere questa esperienza e, perché no, ad amare la natura e le escursioni.

9. A chi è possibile rivolgersi per trovare compagni di avventura

Le escursioni organizzate da guide ambientali escursionistiche professioniste sono il modo migliore per iniziare, se si è da soli, anche per ricevere consigli utili sull’equipaggiamento o sulla difficoltà dei percorsi. Anche quelle organizzate da enti di promozione del territorio sono utili per fare conoscenza con altri appassionati del settore. Queste sono vere e proprie escursioni di conoscenza, volte alla scoperta del territorio e, per questo quasi sempre, molto semplici, ma altrettanto interessanti.

10. Consigli su blog o pagine escursionistiche da seguire


La pagina di Michele, “hikeandseek“, è sicuramente tra quelle fondamentali da seguire per poter immergersi completamente nel mondo dell’escursionismo. È molto utile seguire anche le varie pagine escursionistiche della regione, del comune e delle pro loco. Spesso ce ne sono anche di specifiche in base alla catena montuosa o alla zona e sono sicuramente le migliori da seguire per trovare informazioni sullo stato dei sentieri e dove vengono segnalate frane o la vegetazione particolarmente alta in un dato punto di un sentiero.

Quindi, come si è potuto constatare, l’escursionismo è un’attività adatta a tutti, grandi e piccini, esperti o meno esperti, divertente e, soprattutto, salutare per tutto il corpo.

Siete pronti a percorrere insieme a noi i sentieri più suggestivi di Massa Lubrense?

Michele Palomba

Guida escursionistica locale e collaboratore della Pro Loco Massa Lubrense

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1 day travel itinerary in Massa Lubrense

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written by Miriam Russo

Massa Lubrense territory is full of surprises: panoramic views, history and beauty combine creating a breathtaking experience. In this article, we recommend you a travel itinerary for one day to discover the wonders of this place and its surroundings (more easily by car).

Massa Centro

Our journey starts from the Municipality of Massa Lubrense capital, Massa Centro. Not only will the tourist office give you all the useful information to visit the place, but here you will be able to start admiring a small part of what this place has to offer. In fact, in the main square, or Largo Vescovado, you will find one of the many churches and chapels of Massa Lubrense: the Former Cathedral Santa Maria delle Grazie. In addition, in the same place, there is the unmissable panoramic point, “il Pennino” which offers a suggestive view of the Capri and Ischia islands.

First step of our travel itinerary in Massa Lubrense and surroundings of 1 day: the Former Cathedral Santa Maria delle Grazie in Massa Centro
Panoramic point "il Pennino" in Massa Centro

Marina della Lobra

The characteristic and suggestive seaside village of Marina della Lobra is just a little farther than a kilometer from our starting point. It is a fishermen’s village that owes its name to the Church of Madonna della Lobra which surmounts it. What will immediately catch your attention are undoubtedly the colorful houses of the place and the stairway that leads directly to the sea. It is the ideal place for the first break on our journey, to enjoy a sensational view of the Mediterranean sea.

Colorful houses and small boats in the seaside village of Marina della Lobra


After having returned to Massa Centro, our travel itinerary in Massa Lubrense leads us towards Termini. Walking across Marciano, you will already be able to enjoy the panoramic points along the road. In fact, the specific rest areas on the way will allow you to take a look at the island of Capri, which gradually gets closer.
But the wonders do not end here: once in Termini, reaching the Monte San Costanzo, it will be possible to enjoy the panorama that the highest point of the Sorrento peninsula offers. After having left the car in the pine forest just below the top of the mountain, a short walk will lead you to the Church of San Costanzo. Here, a 360-degree view of the gulfs of Naples and Salerno will await you.

Panoramic point on Monte San Costanzo

Marina del Cantone

Once off Termini, the next stop we recommend you to follow is Marina del Cantone, with its beaches and gastronomic tradition. In fact, at the end of this first-morning phase of our journey, this is the ideal place to find refreshment and relax. It will doubtless be amazing to swim in its crystal clear water or to enjoy a tasty lunch based on local specialties, such as the unmissable “spaghetti alla Nerano”.

One of the wonderful beaches in Marina del Cantone

Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi

Last but not least stop of our suggestive itinerary is Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi. Its name tells us something more about its position. In fact, it is located right on the central hill between Napoli and Sorrento’s Gulfs. From there, another impressive view, in the area called Deserto, will leave you speechless: the wonderful sunset enjoyable from the Monastery of San Paolo in Deserto will conclude this travel at the limit between physical and sensory experience.

View on Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Sant'Agata sui due Golfi, last recommended step of the travel itinerary in Massa Lubrense and surroundings

This is how our travel itinerary in Massa Lubrense ends. We also recommend you let yourself be guided by our interactive map. This will help you discover more and more about the wonders of this place.

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Hiking in Massa Lubrense

Hiking: 10 reasons to choose Massa Lubrense

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Over 100 kilometers of marked trails, incredibly colorful landscapes, hidden coves and ancient alleys among the villages are some of the reasons why Massa Lubrense is the perfect place to walk.

Here are 10 reasons why you absolutely must visit it if you love hiking in nature.

Lace up your shoes and start your adventure!

A trail network over 100 kilometers long

The network allows you to choose short routes limited to a small area or combine multiple trails to cover longer distances. The indications about the difference in height and the type of soil help to understand the level of difficulty of each itinerary: there are all types, suitable for the more experienced or even for children.

Mild temperatures

Southern Italy is known for its sunshine and good weather, which allows for year-round hiking. Spring and autumn are the best seasons. In summer, temperatures are milder in the evening or early in the morning. In winter, it is best to avoid days when rain makes the ground slippery.

Breathtaking landscapes are guaranteed

Massa Lubrense has the privilege of an enviable geographical position, offering the opportunity to enjoy spectacular panoramic views in natural environments. You can discover them during a day of hiking on the promontory of Punta Campanella, along the Sirenuse Trail with a view of the two gulfs of Naples and Salerno, descending the 700 steps that lead to the Crapolla Fiord, reaching the top of Monte San Costanzo

A protected nature

The entire stretch of coast of Massa Lubrense and the sea in front of it, are protected by the Punta Campanella Marine Protected Area. In addition to the recognition of the Blue Flag for its beaches, the Municipality has received for years that of the Spighe Verdi, for the enhancement of the rural heritage, with a view to more sustainable development.

Ancient mule tracks and “middle ways” converted into paths

What once were the connecting roads between the villages, or the paths traveled by mules to transport the crops from the fields to the inhabited centers, are now part of the hiking path network and allow us to walk in nature, away from the noise of the road.

Hiking, history and archeology

Combining nature, culture and history in Massa Lubrense is very simple. The Museo Diffuso project suggests thematic itineraries to combine the landscape with the traces of history it preserves: Roman remains, Angevin and Aragonese towers, ancient churches and chapels…

Guided walks

Walks in Massa Lubrense are organized all year round: guided itineraries, outings in nature and activities related to local culture and gastronomy. For the little ones, the Merende Itineranti are an opportunity to rediscover the link with the land and the local culture.

Certified local guides

Relying on environmental hiking guides is the best way to deepen the knowledge of the territory in its naturalistic, historical and artistic aspects. Many local guides propose hiking itineraries suitable for all levels and circumstances and are available to organize tailor-made walks.

Meeting new people

By participating in an event or a group excursion you meet people with the same passion for hiking! People with whom to share a day outdoors, exchange stories of their experiences on the road, create unforgettable memories of a pleasant walk in nature.

Wide offer of accommodation and rural tourism

To enjoy a few days of hiking in Massa Lubrense, you can easily find accommodation suitable for every need. In inhabited centers or in more isolated places, the offer ranges from hotels to b&bs, campsites and holiday homes. Furthermore, the local restaurants and farmhouses offer pleasant refreshment points during or at the end of the walks.

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Omaggio alla bellezza in Massa Lubrense

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From June to October in Massa Lubrense the program Omaggio alla bellezza is held, a project that involves the territory with multiple free events.

Concerts in nature, themed walks, tastings, yoga and pilates classes, activities for children and much more. Promoted by the Municipality of Massa Lubrense in collaboration with local associations, the exhibition offers those who live or spend a few days in Massa Lubrense the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful area with activities that enhance its culture, history and natural beauty.

Open-air musical events return to enchant us with the fifth edition of Natura in concerto: musical performances in places with a mythical charm.

The cycle of guided walking tours proposed by the Pro Loco Massa Lubrense is part of Omaggio alla bellezza: the Passeggiate d’estate are excursions with environmental guides, with tasting of local products in farms or agritourisms.

Alla ricerca della valle perduta nella Terra delle Sirene” is the title of the proposals of the Pro Loco Due Golfi and the Massa Lubrense branch of the Archeoclub: four itineraries inspired by the lives of Ignazio Chiaiese, Torquato Tasso, Norman Douglas, Teofilo and Gianbattista Folengo.

AGAT Massa Lubrense also offers a rich calendar of excursions in the area: “Alla scoperta dei borghi” emphasizes its historic centers, monuments and religious buildings.

The program also includes activities organized by the Punta Campanella Marine Protected Area: open days to visit the park’s visitor center, canoe and snorkelling excursions to get to know our coast and sea.

For the little ones, the much appreciated Merende itineranti continue: walks for children with outdoor theater, workshops and organic snacks. There is no shortage of amusing magic shows in the squares and playgrounds of Massa Lubrense.

Throughout the summer it is also possible to take part in yoga and pilates classes outdoors: the best way to seek your own well-being in the newfound connection with the environment that surrounds us.

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Natura in concerto: walks and music

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Natura in concerto is a traveling music festival that takes place in some of the most evocative locations in Massa Lubrense. The music reaches uncontaminated spots such as Punta Campanella, slips into the alleys of the villages, in front of churches and chapels, arrives in the squares, by the sea and on panoramic terraces.

natura in concerto massa lubrense

For each appointment, a walk by Agat Massa Lubrense leads to the concert venue.

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Guida al trekking a Massa Lubrense

The trekking guidebook “Massa Lubrense. Il paradiso è qui” is back

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With a refreshed graphic design, updates, some news and wonderful images to describe our land, the third edition of the guidebook to the paths of Massa Lubrense is available.

Already today, the guidebook is distributed free of charge at the tourist office of the Pro Loco Massa Lubrense and can be browsed online from any device.

“Massa Lubrense. Il paradiso è qui” represents a valid starting point for those who want to explore the most beautiful trails in our area. Already translated into English, French and German, the third edition is enriched by the translation into Spanish.

Suggestive photographs accompany the reading. The guidebook describes the main walking itineraries of Massa Lubrense, with the relative technical data and with the possibility of downloading the GPX and KML tracks for each one.


  • Intro to Massa Lubrense
    • Hamlets
    • Typical products
    • Events and festivals
    • Paths
    • Sea
    • Climate
    • History
  • Trekking in Massa Lubrense
    • Baia di Ieranto
    • Sentiero di Athena
    • From Massa centro to Marina della Lobra
    • Sentiero delle Sirenuse
    • Fiordo di Crapolla
    • Le vie di mezzo: from Massa centro to Sorrento
    • From Massa centro to Termini
    • Passeggiata rurale: from Sant’Agata to Massa centro
  • Il Museo Diffuso: thematic itineraries with multimedia insights
  • Transport timetables and useful numbers


  • for images kindly granted: Gaetano Starace, Giovanni Gargiulo, Roberto Russo, Enrico Cangiotti, Francesca D’Esposito
  • for the invaluable support: Art Hotel Villa Fiorella, Lovely Capri Charter, Osteria Da Peppe, Case Vacanza La Ciucciara, Albergo La Certosa – Ristorante Pappone, Ristorante L’Angolo del Mare – Da Capuozzo, Mamma Mia – Private Boat Charter, Villa Sole di Capri, Sorrento Bike, Azienda Agricola La Masseria, Le Ceramiche del Castello, Ristorante Il Fienile
  • for patronage and contribution: l’Assessorato al Turismo del Comune di Massa Lubrense
  • for valuable help: Giovanni Visetti

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Pilates at the Annunziata Castle

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Pilates at the castle is a cycle of 7 outdoor meetings, at sunset, designed to promote conscious breathing through fluid and coordinated movements.

The free pilates lessons are held by the physiotherapist Carla Marciano, in the splendid location of the Aragonese Castle of the Annunziata, one of the jewels of the municipal heritage of Massa Lubrense.

Info and reservations:

Pro Loco Massa Lubrense (9:30 – 13:00)
Viale Filangieri, 11
+393510862663 (WhatsApp)

Exercising in the open area is the best way to feel good not only with yourself but also with the nature that surrounds us.

Outdoors, it is easier to put aside any negative thoughts, concentrating completely on movement and breathing, with great health benefits: the body acquires elasticity, fluidity and physical tonicity, while the mind better counteracts states of anxiety and stress.

Pilates is suitable for both those who simply need movement and those who have particular pathologies. In these basic lessons, suitable for everyone, the goal is to learn to know and listen to your body, with the use of breathing and simple exercises.

Organized by the Pro Loco Massa Lubrense, with the patronage and contribution of the Municipality of Massa Lubrense – Tourism Department. It is part of the “Omaggio alla bellezza” program.

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Massa Lubrense Walking Tours 2021

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Excursions guided by environmental hiking guides, with tasting at farmhouses and farms.

The Walking Tours are organized by the Pro Loco Massa Lubrense, with the patronage and contribution of the Municipality of Massa Lubrense – Tourism Department.

They are part of the review “Omaggio alla Bellezza”.

The walks with the Pro Loco Massa Lubrense are back: excursions between nature and small villages, accompanied by expert guides. We know our territory well and have been collaborating for years with those who work, welcome and produce in Massa Lubrense. This is why we offer 10 guided itineraries with tastings in farmhouses and farms: moments of discovery of the territory, nature and flavors.

We recommend comfortable clothing and non-slip shoes. Participation under your own responsibility.
Participation in the walks is free and open to all, by reservation and with limited places.
Tasting cost (optional) € 10 per person.

Pro Loco Massa Lubrense: Viale Filangieri, 11, Massa Lubrense (NA)
+39 081 5339021 (9:30-13:00) – +39 3398321201 (WhatsApp)


Saturday 12 June

Start: Largo Vescovado – 09:00

Route: Massa centro, Annunziata

Tasting: azienda agricola Ruocco Rita

Saturday 19 June

Start: Piazza di Monticchio – 09:00

Route: Monticchio, Termini, Schiazzano

Tasting: azienda agricola La Masseria

Saturday 26 June

Start: Piazza di S. Agata – 09:00

Route: Sentiero delle Sirenuse

Tasting: agriturismo Le Tore

Saturday 3 July

Start: Piazza di Termini – 16:30

Route: Giro di Santa Croce

Tasting: caseificio Del Monte

Friday 16 July

Start: Piazza di Termini – 16:30

Route: Punta Campanella

Tasting: azienda agricola Fossa Papa

Saturday 7th August

Start: Piazza di S. Agata – 16:30

Route: Giro dell’Isca

Tasting: agriturismo Villa Castanito

Saturday 21 August

Start: Largo Vescovado – 16:30

Route: Massa centro, Schiazzano, Termini

Tasting: azienda agricola Il Turuziello

Sunday 5 September

Start: Piazza di S. Francesco – 16:30

Route: S. Francesco, Monticchio, Schiazzano

Tasting: agriresort Villa Edera

Saturday 11 September

Start: Piazza di S. Agata – 16:30

Route: S. Agata, S. Francesco, Massa centro

Tasting: azienda agricola Il Convento

Saturday 2 October

Start: Largo Vescovado- 09:00

Route: Massa centro, Puolo

Tasting: agriturismo I Giardini di Vigliano

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