Procida Island

Procida: the less “touristy” island of the Gulf of Naples.

Procida, island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, is situated at the mouth of the Gulf of Naples. With its 4 square kilometers , is the smallest of the sisters Ischia and Capri, but has nearly 11,000 inhabitants  . To the west of Procida and connected to it by a bridge , looking towards Ischia, stands the uninhabited islet of Vivara , completely covered with Mediterranean scrub. Procida is of volcanic origin , and you can still recognize in his typical half-moon bays , traces of ancient craters ( the sources say 5 or 7 craters ) .

It reaches a maximum height of 91 m and is therefore quite flat , but the lively villages with houses polychrome , the rich vegetation within which merges a typical Mediterranean architecture spontaneous , clear sea and sunny , and beautiful coastal rocks, generate views landscape of rare beauty , and make it a popular tourist destination.

Marina Grande

Marina Grande the only commercial port of the island. Soon as you disembark from the ferry you are in front of the Palazzo Montefusco of the twelfth century . , Called the ” chain ” because , at one time , the rear driveway leading to the building was blocked to passers-by by a chain , or even ” Merlato ” for the stupendous battlements overlooking the whole building . In the past it was the summer residence of the king, then and now inhabited by the ancient convent of Procida .


Corricella is a sailor village of Procida, where the fishermen’s houses clinging on high and steep coast form a cluster characteristic , common to other places in the Mediterranean , but especially for the use of pastel colors yellow, pink, blue, green, white , useful to mariners to recognize his own house by the sea.

The name derives from the greek Corricella ” coros callos ” ( beautiful district ) . Corricella , has been the backdrop for many film productions . And among the houses of Corricella we can distinguish some of the most exclusive hotels and restaurants on the island.


The ” Chiaolella ” ( spiaggiolella , small beach ) , is another marina on the island, now fitted to the marina, where you will find some of the most popular hotels and restaurants on the island.


The island of Vivara , the smallest of the Neapolitan islands , is what remains of a circular crater , one of many in the composition of the Campi Flegrei volcanic .

To look good, this appears very clearly : the island of Vivara is nothing more than the western portion of the original volcanic crater bounded by the hill of Santa Margherita, partially submerged isthmus that connects Vivara and Procida Vivara by itself.

The islet of Vivara is owned by the July 18, 1940 Civic Hospital Franciscan Albano , thanks to the legacy of dr. Lachianca Domenico Scotto , who appointed the Civic Hospital of Procida, heir of its assets . In 1972 , because of its poor economic performance, Vivara was on the verge of being sold to an investment company that wanted to turn it into a tourist village with marina , cable runway and heliport . The protests of environmental associations , WWF in the head, and the intervention of the Campania Region avoided this danger . Indeed in the same year , the Campania Region decided to take in dense Vivara and in 1974 , by decree of the President of the Regional Government , has accorded the status of a natural oasis of protection , of inestimable value, where flora and fauna thrive .

The bridge was built in 1957 instead of Campania aqueduct , which still owns it , to bring water from the mainland to Ischia . Inside the bridge , in fact , pass the pipes then continue under the staircase that leads to Vivara and continue to Ischia for ways underwater , thanks to the principle of communicating vessels that maintain a constant flux .

Until 1999 , that is before the gates were closed because of Vivara dell’inagibilità of the bridge, it was possible to take part in free guided tours .

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