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The Aragonese Castle of Annunziata reopens to the public

On July 6th, 2018 the Aragonese Castle of Annunziata, one of the jewels of the municipal heritage of Massa Lubrense, reopens to the public.

The Pro Loco Massa Lubrense – in collaboration with the Arciconfraternita SS. Rosario dell’Annunziata and the I. P. San Paolo – takes care of the opening.

“I am extremely happy and satisfied to be able to open a fundamental piece of the history of Massa Lubrense – says President Teresa Pappalardo. – My personal thanks go first and foremost to the Arciconfraternita, which enthusiastically adhered to the idea and with which a deep and fruitful collaboration is born, to make the place usable and welcoming. I’m thankful to the City of Massa Lubrense, which promptly responded to our request, and to the High School San Paolo with whom we have a school-work protocol that has led the student Francesco La Via to take care of the openings to the public. With the collaboration of the historian Gennaro Galano we are preparing a new brochure about the place, which we are currently translating into English to allow visitors to deepen the site, and we are drafting a series of events that will enrich the summer events season of Massa Lubrense.”

The Castle will be open from Friday to Sunday from 9.30 to 13.00 and from 17.00 to 20.00.

The hamlet Annunziata and how to get there.

Limoni in Festa 2018 – Massa Lubrense Lemon Festival

Limoni in festa 2018 – Massa Lubrense Lemon Festival

The highlight event of the summer of Massa Lubrense. An excellent opportunity to taste many delicacies of the cuisine of Massa Lubrense based on the typical citrus that gives the name to the festival: our oval lemon called “femminiello”.

A series of events taking place in the city center, following the flavors of dishes with lemon scent, the sounds of popular music, the rediscovery of the oldest buildings, the streets, the typical corners.


Friday, 13 July 2018
6.30am – 11.00pm Market with typical products and local crafts
8.30pm Concert “Divenendo Live” by Marco Mariconda and Le Sequenze

Saturday 14 July 2018
10.30am – 11.00pm Market with typical products and local craftsmanship
5.00pm Guided walking Massa center – Annunziata – Marina Lobra
7.00pm – 11.00pm Gastronomic itinerary based on lemons
9.00 pm Concert Mujeres Creando – Special Guest: Enzo Gragnaniello with Piero Gallo

Sunday 15 July 2018
10.30am – 11.00pm Market with typical products and local craftsmanship
7.00pm – 11.00pm Gastronomic itinerary based on lemons
9.00 pm “Parco Sofia Tour” concert of La Maschera


Largo Vescovado, 80061 Massa Lubrense, Naples, Italy

limoni in festa 2017

Limoni in festa 2017

Limoni in festa 2017

limoni in festa 2017The main event of the summer in Massa Lubrense, an excellent opportunity to taste many delicacies of the local cuisine based on the typical citrus fruit that gives its name to the festival: the oval lemon said “femminiello”.

A series of activities that take place in the city center, in a lemon-scented atmosphere, enjoying the sound of folk music, rediscovering local crafts and art inspired by our land.


Friday, July 28, 2017
6.30pm – 11.00pm Street market with typical products and local crafts
7.00pm Opening of the art exhibition “Massa incontra l’arte”
8.30pm “Le Loving” in concert: three sopranos directed by Maestro Antonello Cascone

Saturday, July 29, 2017
10.30am – 11.00pm Street market with typical products and local crafts
10.30am – 11.00pm Art exhibition “Massa incontra l’arte”
7.00pm – 11.00pm Lemon gastronomic tour
8.30pm “Discede” and “Taranta Power” in concert: folk music from past to present. Special guest: Eugenio Bennato

Sunday, July 30, 2017
10.30am – 11.00pm Street market with typical products and local crafts
10.30am – 11.00pm Art exhibition “Massa incontra l’arte”
7.00pm – 11.00pm Lemon gastronomic tour
8.30pm The tenor Carmine De Domenico in Passione Napoletana concert


Largo Vescovado, 80061 Massa Lubrense, Province of Naples, Italy

Autumn walking tours – Massa Lubrense 2016

Autumn walking tours

Massa Lubrense 2016


October 16th, 2016

Start: Pro Loco Massa Lubrense – 10:30am | Duration: 5 hours
Itinerary: Massa centro – Molini – Vigliano – Pantano – Sorrento – Capodimonte – Li Simoni – Montecorbo – Arorella – Massa centro
Lunch at “Tenuta Montecorbo”

October 23rd, 2016

Start: Pro Loco Massa Lubrense – 10:30am | Duration: 5 hours
Itinerary: Massa centro – Campo – San Liberatore – Annunziata – Santa Maria – Schiazzano – Santa Maria – Massa centro
Lunch at “Ristorante Da Francesco”

October 30th, 2016

Start: Piazza Sant’Agata sui due Golfi – 10:30am | Duration: 5 hours
Itinerary: S. Agata – Acquacarbone – Priora – Prasiano – Massa Lubrense – Mortora – San Francesco – Aragona – Pastena – S. Agata
Lunch at “Agriturismo Don Peppe”

All walks include lunch: first course, dessert, water and wine.
The cost per person is € 10.00.

081 5339021 (9:30-13:00 e 17:00-20:00) Pro Loco Massa Lubrense

Visit to the Conservatory and Church of SS. Rosario – Monticchio

Visita al Conservatorio e alla chiesa del SS. Rosario – MonticchioMonticchio

The conservatory of the most holy Rosary rises in the heart of the Monticchio’s Village, one of the eighteen typical villages of Massa Lubrense. Monticchio is located in a very wide valley on the west side of S.Maria della Neve . The square of the village, where the most important church consecrated to S.Pietro rises, is located at 315 meters above sea level. The Village, however, it extends up on the hill, even more then 350 meters. We have knowledge of Monticchio from 1221, when the old church of S. Pietro was founded. In the 1489 it was named “ Monditio”, and it counted no more then 179 inhabitants. The village of Monticchio takes its name from its position, up on a mound. There are fountains, gardens and hunting place of Focetole and Turdi.

The Cloister of Monticchio

The foundation of the Conservatory was strongly wanted By Cristina Olivieri, a young and devout Neapolitan women, who since 1707 used to spend her holydays in the village of Monticchio, guested by the Tizzano’s family. During this time she worked so much to pick up the money nedded for the construction of the cloister. Once she did it, sister Cristina bought two small areas near the local church, and after she got the approval of the bishop De Rossi in 1723, she invited the priest of Monticchio to bless the first stone. This event raised a general discontent between the citizens of Massa Lubrense, already harassed by the privileges of the Religious Corporations. In fact between the 16th and the 17th century, there was a great expansion f the religious cult and the sacred buildings add up to as many as 100. The religious multiplied. At the beginning of the 18th century, thanks to the several acts of mercy, which have happened over the past two decades, the churches, the chapels, the monasteries and the abbeys, they owned almost the entire territory of Massa Lubrense. The city ended with a wealthy class made up of religious and a poor one, which included the rest of the citizens. The people of Massa Lubrense were forced to resort to the holy Roman Congregation and to the Viceroy of Naples, in order to protest against the construction of the new cloister. Sister Cristina Olivieri, to bypass such demands, she declared that those factories were built as a private use. The protest and the objections of the citizens and the defense of the founder they continued for several years, in the meantime the construction of the building, it kept. In the 1746 the Conservatory was finished and inhabited by nuns. Attached to the cloister there is a church name after S. Maria del Rosario and both the buildings they belong to the order of S. Domenico.

Ignazio Chiaiese

The Co. founder of the complex was Ignazio Chiaiese, a great artist of the Neapolitan earthenware in the 18th century, who belong to one of the most important dynasties operating in this type of art in the city of Naples between the end of the 17th century and the 18th century. Also the tiles of the Congregation in the Cathedral of Sorrento, and the decorated wall still visible in the yard of Palazzo Correale, are attributable to this factory. Ignazio Chiaiese was the son of Leonardo, author of the floor “ The Expulsion from the Garden”, in Ancapri. He arrived in Monticchio on behalf of his aunt, who a few weeks before, she had brought her daughter to the cloister. She regretted and she asked him to help her. She asked him to get to the cloister , free her daughter and bring her home. The legend says that Ignazio Chiaiese, once he was at the presence of Sister Cristina Olivieri, was fascinated by the women with the blind eyes, in which he saw the heavenly light of the conversion. Sister Cristina told him to be the man of the providence, sent by the Lord to help her in the construction of the cloister, and so he did. He also became one of its biggest donors. In fact he picked up several donations between the local wealthy families. Mastr’Ignazio, like he was called, he embellished the inside areas of the cloister and of the church using the art of the “tile”.

The cloister in particular holds a panel of tiles in baroque style, in which the author represents himself, penitent at the foot of the Virgin, single example of self-portrait known with this technique. The frame, also in baroque style, is painted on the same level of the represented scene. The author represents himself on his knee, penitent at the foot of the Virgin, depicted in the center of the composition, with a spear in her hand. The Virgin targets with her sword a quietly sitting dragon. Ignazio is linked to the dragon through some chains which are nearly cracked. The chains symbolize the sins. He is free from the chains of sin but he stays on his knee because he actually wants to stay sinner

For the first time the Virgin is represented armed, holding a spear. The Madonna in fact she is never a punisher. She is always represented as a “Mother full of Grace”.
On either side of the main panel there are two more paints on tiles.
The one on the left side represent a sleeper St. Joseph and the angel Gabriel who appears in his dream. Next to St. Joseph there is a flower stick, sign of the divine choice. The panel on the right side instead, it represents St. Francis likewise sleeper. The Saint sleep while a storm is taking place and a galleon is floundering. The vessel is like the one used by the Saracen pirates, which in 1558 fiercely invaded Massa Lubrense and Sorrento. The “sinking” is an allegory which means the storm of the soul. Everyone in his life get through a storm and to get over it, we have to abandon everything is force and rely on God. The force is symbolized by the sword painted on the bottom right of the composition.

Church of the Most Holy Rosary

The church has a 17th century facade accessed by a staircase with two semicircular ramps. The inside is baroque, with an elegant architecture and decoration. The layout is a Greek Cross with very shorts arms and is underneath by a lowered cup with a torch. The construction of the church had already started in 1746, as shown Mons. Pisani who in that year, he visited the cloister which was just finished. The church instead, was finished in 1762, a date which is legible on the floor and on the pipe organ. The floor full completely covered by tiles, is gorgeous, and it was also made by Ignazio Chiaiese. The paint is dominated by a big star which symbolizes the Holy Spirit. The overlying dome perfectly match with the symbolic representation painted on the floor. On the longest rays of the star we can admire garlands of flowers. On the tiles on the sides of the High Altar, are painted four peacocks, each one in a different position, below which we found the ossuaries. All the flooring is characterized by flowers paints which most likely were chosen to remind the outside garden of the cloister. In the middle of the High Altar, we found a framework of the” Blessed Virgin of the Rosary”, and on the sides we can admire the “Dinner in Emaus” and the “Adoration of the Magi”. The technique used for the creation of the paints is the one which is characterized by the play of lights and shadows. This kind of technique was typical of the Neapolitan School in that period. In the framework of the “Last Supper”, the Apostles are represented all at the same side. There is no emphasis of the one who sinned. This kind of representation was used for the very first time by Leonardo Da Vinci to realize his paint of the “Last Supper”, exposed in the Sistine Chapel. “The Adoration of the Magi” is from the Baroque.

Spring Walking Tours in Massa Lubrense 2016

Spring Walking Tours in Massa Lubrense

Every walk includes a visit to a local farm,
with tasting of typical products, and a stop to eat your lunch bag.
The cost per person is € 5.00.

+39 081 5339021 (9:30 – 13:00) Pro Loco Massa Lubrense

Alla ricerca del Limone IGP

Partenza: Piazza di Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi – ore 11:00 | Rientro: ore 17:00

Itinerario: Sant’Agata – Deserto – Acquara – Turro – Schiazzano – Pontescuro – Calella – Canale – Sant’Agata

Visita Azienda Agricola “La Masseria”: il Limone “Femminiello Massese” IGP

Richiamata dalla mitezza del clima, dal verde delle selve di castagno e dal profumo dei giardini di limoni, tra Sorrento, Capri e Costiera Amalfitana, “la Masseria” è lieta di accogliervi, per farvi assaporare e gustare un’arte secolare tramandata dai nostri avi e che oggi vogliamo custodire per salvaguardare il territorio, valorizzare la denominazione protetta del “Limone di Sorrento I.G.P.”, dell’Olio D.O.P. Penisola Sorrentina e dare visibilità all’intera filiera produttiva di un patrimonio dal valore inestimabile…

La Masseria Massa Lubrense

Domenica 22 maggio

L’invenzione di Minerva

Partenza: Piazza di Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi – ore 11:00 | Rientro: ore 17:00

Itinerario: Sant’Agata – Pontone – Le Tore – Colli di Fontanelle – Pizzetiello – Borra – Monticello – Nula – Sant’Agata

Visita Azienda Agricola “Le Tore”: l’Olio Extra Vergine d’Oliva DOP

L’azienda agricola LE TORE nasce nel 1985 e si estende per circa 14 ettari tra Sorrento e Massa Lubrense. Produciamo olio DOP Penisola Sorrentina, limone IGP ovale di Sorrento,e altri prodotti tipici, come la noce di Sorrento IGP e la mela annurca e tra gli ortaggi pomodoro cuore di bue e melanzana cima di viola.

Nel febbraio 2004 l’Olio extra vergine d’oliva DOP Penisola Sorrentina le Tore ha vinto il primo premio, come fruttato leggero, al concorso nazionale Sirena D’Oro di Sorrento dedicato agli oli DOP italiani. Nel 2006 è stato finalista al concorso nazionale Ercole Olivario.

Le Tore Massa Lubrense

Domenica 29 maggio

Un contadino vestito da monaco

Partenza: Pro Loco Massa Lubrense (Viale Filangieri, 11, Massa Centro) – ore 11:00 | Rientro: ore 16:00

Itinerario: Massa centro – Santa Maria – Schiazzano – Santa Maria – Annunziata – San Liberatore – Massa Centro

Visita Azienda Agricola “Il Turuziello”: il Provolone del Monaco DOP

In un piccolo e antico borgo del comune di Massa Lubrense, Schiazzano, dove il blu del mare si fonde con il verde delle colline, nasce, agli inizi del ventesimo secolo la piccola azienda agricola di Benedetto De Gregorio.

L’ azienda, a conduzione familiare, si avvale della preziosa collaborazione di tutta la famiglia ed è impegnata nella produzione di formaggi: mozzarelle, caciotte, caciocavalli e soprattutto provolone del monaco DOP, realizzati ancora secondo le originarie ricette tramandate da padre in figlio.

Il Turuziello Massa Lubrense


Domenica 5 giugno

Un giorno al convento

Partenza: Pro Loco Massa Lubrense (Viale Filangieri, 11, Massa Centro) – ore 11:00 | Rientro: ore 17:00

Itinerario: Massa centro – Mortora – San Francesco – Li Simoni – Montecorbo – Mulini – Massa centro

Visita Azienda Agricola “Il Convento”: il Limoncello IGP

Tutto ebbe inizio nel 1935 quando il contadino Antonino Pollio rilevò il terreno che i frati coltivavano per la produzione di vino, olio, rosòlio e che avevano poi abbandonato.

L’amore ed il rispetto verso la natura ha portato la famiglia Pollio a gestire il fondo Annunziata, un fondo che nel 2014 ha dato inizio al nuovo progetto di agricoltura biologica: mirato alla produzione di olio e di limoncello bio, dedica particolari attenzioni alla qualità e alla cura del terreno al fine di preservare la massima genuinità dei suoi prodotti.

Il Convento Massa Lubrense



Autumn walks in Massa Lubrense

The Autumn Walks in Massa Lubrense are from 15 November to 20 December 2015:

Passeggiate d'autunno - Massa Lubrense 201515 november – ‘A via ‘e miez
Departure from Massa centro, Arorella, Via Vigliano, stop for lunch at Il giardino di Vigliano. After lunch: Via Partenope, Via San Montano, Via Sirignano, Massa centro.

29 november  – Seguendo gesuiti, agostiniani e francescani
Departure from Massa centro, Villarca, Santa Maria, Bevedere, Turro, Via Gesine, San Francesco, stop for lunch at Podere Don Peppe. After lunch: Via Bagnulo, Via Mortora, Massa centro.

6 december – Sant’Agata e dintorni
Departure from piazza di S. Agata sui Due Golfi, Via Termine, Deserto, Tore di Acquara, Acquara, Canale, stop for lunch at Villa Castanito. After lunch: Doppio corso or Pastena, Via Ghezzi, S. Agata.

20 december – La collina di Torquato Tasso
Departure from Massa centro, Cerriglio, Via Mortora, Prasiano, Montecorbo, stop for lunch at Tenuta Montecorbo. After lunch: Via del Generale, Via San Montano, Arorella, Massa centro.

Times and duration
All tours begin at 10:00 am. There is a stop at 13:00 with tasting of a traditional main course, in a local farmhouse. At 14:30 we leave again, to finish by 17:00.

Participation fees *
Adults: € 12.00
Children (under 12): € 8.00

*The fee includes the meal: 1 main course, water, 1 glass of wine, 1 dessert, 1 coffee.

Info and reservation:
Pro Loco Massa Lubrense: 081 5339021
Pro Loco Due Golfi: 081 5330135
Ufficio informagiovani: 0815339494

“Massa Lubrense. Il Paradiso è qui”: the new tourist brochure on the territory of Massa Lubrense

Thursday, June 4 at 20:00, at the terrace in Viale Filangieri 11, the tourism office Pro Loco Massa Lubrense presents:


A tourist brochure on the territory of Massa Lubrense (in Italian, English, French and German).

Brochure turisctica - Massa Lubrense Il paradiso è qui - Pro Loco Massa Lubrense 2015

Special guest: Paolo CaiazzoPaolo Caiazzo Brochure turisctica - Massa Lubrense Il paradiso è qui - Pro Loco Massa Lubrense 2015

About the project

Questo progetto, fortemente voluto dal Direttivo della Pro Loco Massa Lubrense, nasce grazie alla collaborazione con l’Istituto Polispecialistico S. Paolo. Una cooperazione cominciata grazie a una “semplice” richiesta di convenzione tirocinio alunni che ha coinvolto 20 ragazzi delle classi III e IV, i quali saranno presenti all’interno della nostra sede nei mesi di giugno e luglio con attività di front-office, progettazione e gestione eventi, e di “tourist guide” alla scoperta dei nostri “angoli di paradiso”. Come Pro Loco, la considerazione dalla quale siamo partiti nella progettazione è stata semplice: ogni anno i migliori motori di ricerca del settore turistico premiano la qualità e l’eccellenza di una ricettività basata sull’alta professionalità dell’intero indotto che ruota intorno a esso. Massa Lubrense, oltre a offrire un valido supporto alle suddette strutture con personale sempre all’altezza di ottimi standard qualitativi, con mirate sinergie, grazie al proprio territorio e alle risorse a esso legate, può divenire meta di un turismo sempre più consistente e consapevole. A tal proposito riteniamo che avere l’opportunità di avere sul nostro territorio una scuola secondaria a indirizzo turistico sia un’ottima base per far interagire il mondo della scuola con il mondo lavorativo che ruota intorno a tale settore. In quest’ottica può divenire preponderante il ruolo “da tramite” che il tirocinio formativo può avere. Il tavolo di concertazione che abbiamo provato ad instaurare permetterà ad ognuno, secondo il suo ruolo, di mettere in campo le migliori energie. I testi che troverete in questo opuscolo sono presenti anche all’interno del sito e sono le notizie che maggiormente vengono richieste al nostro ufficio turistico. I ragazzi dell’Istituto Polispecialistico S. Paolo li hanno ottimamente tradotti in inglese, francese e tedesco. Ci auguriamo che grazie alla lungimiranza dei soggetti coinvolti questo progetto possa, per gli alunni, trasformarsi in qualcosa in più: una piccola finestra da cui guardare il mondo lavorativo e, allo stesso tempo, una sorta di “vetrina” per dimostrare realmente ciò che ognuno di Voi ragazzi è in grado di fare. L’A.T. Pro Loco di Massa Lubrense ha, anche negli anni precedenti, realizzato materiale informativo, ma la spinta e l’energia che ci ha dato questa progettualità ha entusiasmato tutti quelli che ci circondano. Nell’augurare ai visitatori un soggiorno indimenticabile presso i luoghi incantati e gli scenari mozzafiato di Massa Lubrense, auspichiamo ai ragazzi che han preso parte alla pianificazione, un futuro lavorativo degno delle loro più rosee aspettative.

Campania Express: tourist train between Sorrento and Naples

For updated timetable, please click here.

“Campania Express” is the new tourist train between Sorrento and Naples, it stops only in Pompei Scavi Villa dei Misteri and Ercolano Scavi.

The service is available from May 23rd to October 15th, 2015. The muntilingual staff on board will provide information about the places to visit and the program of events “Travel in Campania. In the Footsteps of the Grand Tour.”

The train “Campania Express” is air-conditioned, with video surveillance and it has 144 seats, plus four for the disabled.

Campania Express – Train schedule:

From Napoli Porta Nolana: 8.37, 12.06 and 18.36. From Sorrento: 9.57, 13.50 and 19.53.

orari campania express sorrento pompei napoli

Ticket price:

– € 15 return rate
– € 10 for Campania> Artecard holders (only at Artecard retail)

The ticket provides for the possibility of:

  • Make the return journey on a different date.
  • For the reserved date, get off at intermediate stops and resume the journey with another Campania Express run. In this case, the reservation does not guarantee the availability of a seat in the intermediate sections.
  • Choose the free shuttle bus in Sorrento.


Sales points:


– Napoli – Porta Nolana
– Napoli – Garibaldi

Arte card

– Napoli Stazione Centrale
– Sorrento
– Aeroporto di Capodichino

Free call: 800 600 601 – 800 211 388

Massa Lubrense awarded the ‘Blue Flag’ status

Massa Lubrense has achieved for the eight consecutive year the ‘Blue Flag’ award, a prestigious quality mark for coastal areas, granted by the no-profit organization FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) to promote and safeguard seashores.

In the classification of the Italian Regions, Campania has ranked in the fourth place, obtaining 14 ‘blue flags’, spread across the Gulf of Naples (Anacapri e Massa Lubrense) and Salerno (Ascea, Vibonati, Centola-Palinuro, Casal Velino, Agropoli, Montecorice, Sapri, Pisciotta, Pollica, Castellabate, Positano and Capaccio-Paestum).

Among the fundamental requirements, which have allowed to achieve this prestigious prize, there are the excellent quality of water, high efficiency in wastewater purification, infrastructure efficiency and the various services provided by bathing sites. Particular importance is also attached to the issue of the waste management system and the environmental initiatives promoted at local level.


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